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Adept II

Skyrim Anniversary Edition, stutter and fix


In case you tried Skyrim Anniversary edition recently and experienced some stuttering here are few tips:

How to reproduce:
1. Load the game
2. Open Performance Overlay (CTRL+SHIFT+O)
3. Look straight down, while moving forward on a road.
Road texture should make the stuttering more visible.
4. If Performance overlay is indicating 61 FPS, the game is stuttering.

The game has its own Frame Limiter (set to 60fps) and VSync is always enabled. However its utilizes just Double Buffering, and sometimes graphical buffers do overflow.

1. Disable Windowed mode.
2. Enable FRTC and set the limit to 60FPS
3. Performance overlay should indicate 60FPS all the time.
4. There should be no stuttering when looking down.

- Chill does not seem to fix the issue.
- Tested with 3840x2160 full details and highest resolution.
- Would be nice to have FRTC in specific game profile, not in global 
- Lower resolutions trigger the issue more often
- Intro animation with Bethesda logo is always running on 24FPS

Other information:
Windows 10, latest
Catalyst 21.8.1
Threadripper 1920x
Radeon VII.