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Since, it's impossible change bright, saturation, etc...

Since it's impossible change bright, saturation, etc...
Actually, the menu (Radeon >> Monitor >> Color) is there and the controls too. But nothing happens when I change the values.

It's so frustating, especially because the screen is so dark with these updates and, so, I have to use the old version of driver ( But with the old driver, I cant stream or record my games...

I have seen peoples with the same problem, but can't find a solution and AMD doesn't pronounce on it.

AMD R7 360
Windows 7 64-bit
Monitor VGA (plugged at Radeon thru an adapter DVI-VGA).

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If I use a HDMI monitor, the problem does not occur.

Beside, in the VGA monitor, the dark screen that I've mencioned is solved if I press Win+P and re-choose my monitor, though even this way I cant change bright, saturation etc...