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Journeyman III

Simplified version of radeon settings

Hi, is there any legal way to setup an old one radeon settings, which will be functioning properly with new features that were added with adrenalin update? I'm a musician, i don't need any in-built game browsers, streaming options, gaming dashboard e.t.c. 

But in this complicated case I need to use profiles and custom display resolutions for my programms. The reason i don't want to use new driver is way buggy, disgusting interface, very complicated and randomly crashes also makes a system way heavier in case of ram usage. I've done many things - reinstalled Windows, used my previous gpu, checked any group politics in case of driver handling, clean install drivers and nothing had helped yet. The thing when miracles come true is when i install an old one driver of previous revisions (pre-adrenalin) such as 19.12.1 (with simple rad blocky interface). I've glad to use an old one, but windows extremeley forces new driver, even if you block it in regedit, system won't install new bugged driver, but it will delete and old one, which workes flawless. 

Please add a simplified version of radeon settings like it was with old catalyst, and an opportunity to install radeon settings separately.