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Journeyman III

Signed Linux amdgpu-pro driver rpms for SUSE / UEFI secure boot

After update from openSUSE Leap 15.1 to Leap 15.2 I cannot install the amdgpu-pro driver requred for my Athlon 3000G.  On my system UEFI/secure boot is enabled. I've downloaded the latest 20.30 release ( ) unified Linux driver explicitly suitable for SLES/SLED15PS2 (equivalent to SLES/SLED 15SP2).

Initially, zypper / yast won't accept unsigned rpms, both with addition of the driver rpms via the local repository method and the direct method using the amdgpu-pro-install script.

Additionally, starting with Leap 15.2 kernel modules are no longer accepted in secure boot mode (, section 4.1 ) .

Is there any chance to obtain/ship officially signed rpms? Disabling secure boot on UEFI systems, or reverting to legacy boot cannot be the final solution.

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