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Adept I

Should We Always Use Latest Driver?


Should We Always Use Latest Driver Provided By AMD And Update As Soon As Possible?

Or Waiting Is Better?


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Adept II

Major Problems with new drivers are rare. But often new drivers are only optimized for one or two new games and fix minor bugs. If you don't play these games or does not have that bug, the new driver has no benefit in this moment.

Adept III

Unless theres a specific feature included in the new drivers that you MUST have, or unless theres support for a new game you're playing, it's best to just keep the driver you have. 

This isnt always the case, so take it with a grain of salt, but the most recent Radeon drivers from the past 1-2 months have been really, really terrible in terms of bugs and stability. Moreso than usual.

I install nearly all drivers (skipped 2-3 this year), but yeh, read the details and decide if you need anything.

On 22.4.1 currently.

What some people claim to be problems are ?, when the majority have no issue .But then no one knows how clean their system is.  

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