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Adept I

Should I upgrade to 22.10.3

Any reason not to do it at this point?

I am still on 22.8.2 as reading on here is scary sometimes.


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Do you want to update just to update and no other reason?

If the above is true then I wouldn't update unless you are having problems with the current driver or you need to update for a specific Game or App to work or to fix a specific issue you are having or to enable a new feature.

Otherwise, if your current AMD Driver is working fairly fine without any major problems there is no need to update the driver.

You are taking a risk that you will be introducing new problems that might be worse then the one you are having now. Otherwise I would wait to see what type of new problems any new driver will have by other User's comments before updating.

I'm going to agree with elstaci, don't upgrade unless you need to. I'm on 22.9.1 and I upgraded to 22.10.1 when it came out only for it to break things so I went back to 22.9.1.

I just recently tried 22.10.3 last week and it broke BF2042 AND Forza 5 so I went back to 22.9.1 AGAIN lol.

Everyone will have different mileage.


I'd say go for it. Might get free performance upgrades in games you play. At worst, you could always rollback to the stable driver that worked for you. 22.8.2 in this case.

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I've kept myself 1 gen behind in drivers most of the time unless the game I am looking to play specifically calls for an updated driver. There are also times when reading the patch notes that the update provides an upgrade to something I want, and therefore I make the upgrade.

I generally don't upgrade to BETA drivers, just full release - but that is me.


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Adept I

Thanks all

Adept II

you should have the direct upgrades on that driver, i would just not upgrade at all, if u are running okay with them, i havent seen people complaining about the newest drivers but there no point unless u wanna play mw2 or elite dangerous xd

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22.9.2 works good for me. I did think to try new version but I will wait for next release.


Hopefully we can get a new whql drivers, but yeah not worth the headache lmao

Adept III

Looks like the overall response here is AMD releases drivers that will cause more issues then good -> Wait until others figure out which one is a good driver is sad. Pushing beta testers to users?

To be fair, AMD does list their WHQL drivers which maybe a safe approach while not optimize fully for new releases and fixes other issues. What is funny is when I used DDU and installed their WHQL driver, Windows updated to something newer. Anyways the only issue seems to be the installation phase, have not tried 22.10.3 yet to see if that one resolves the black screen crash upon installation.