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Journeyman III

Should I download/update a software driver for my AMD Ryzen 7 3750H with AMD Vega 10 (IGPU)


So the title says it all, do I need to download or update my software edition driver?

Since I'm using Nvidia (GPU) for playing video games with an installed game ready driver, Do I also need a software driver for my AMD Processor? My radeon software version is 19.30.30 and software edition of AMD Adrenalin. Do I need to update it to AMD Adrenaline 2020 version (20.5.1) whether I'm not using it for playing video games just the display monitor? Thank you in advance for the answers.

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To avoid headaches, IF your laptop is running fine without any issues with the current AMD & Nvidia Graphic Drivers and you don't need to update the drivers because a specific program or game requires a newer driver, Then DON"T.

You should only update a driver, especially in a laptop, if a specific program or game alerts you that you need a newer driver to work correctly.

Otherwise, you update your driver and you might start having all types of issues afterwards.

But if you do decide to update your Laptop graphics driver make sure you download it from your Laptop Support download site first before installing Nvidia or AMD generic laptop drivers.