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Adept II

Shader Cache stutter in 21.3.x

This is an observation which comes back to Catalyst 19.5.2 and its mostly related to certain DX11 titles.

1. How to reproduce AMD Shader cache related stutter in Witcher 3:

a) You re-install driver or clear shader cache in Catalyst.

b) Load game (i have save from the end, near Ciri in vineyard).
Run around and as new objects should be displayed (mainly NPCs) game will stutter a bit.

b) Load game again
Run around and everything is smooth.

c) Exit game, run game again, load save.
Run around and everything is smooth.

d) Exit game, clear shader cache, run game again, load save.
Unfortunately game will stutter again for the first time upon display.

2. Windows Registry entries show that shader cache is set to "AMD Optimized".
If it set to "off" every new NPC will cause stutter.
If it set to "on" it will behave in same manner as with "AMD optimized setting".

3. When it was Ok?
In Catalyst 19.5.2, or in catalysts with older GUI which contained "Shader Cache" button in each of the specific gane profiles.
If Global or Specific setting was "AMD Optimized" Witcher 3 was not (visibly) stuttering even when shader cache was cleared.

Since then there is no setting in Catalyst or registry, which would fix this (albeit) temporary issue.

4. Other information
- CPU is AMD Threadripper 1900x
- GPU is Radeon VII
- disk is Samsung NVMe drive 970 Pro (with their driver)
- Before the stutter directory "appdata/local/AMD/DXcache" contained just few files, after stutter new were created.

The only workaround at the moment is to do "blind runs" across the game map in order to allow cache to be built up.

Some other games for comparison:
DeusEX: Human Revolution - issue not present, apparenlty data are generated when loading level.
Starcraft II: There are very few instances where there is stutter upon loading new object (Coop commanders), but it re-sets after game is closed.
Skyrim: Legendary edition - no issue whatsoever.

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Adept II

Re: Shader Cache stutter in 21.3.x

Adept I

Re: Shader Cache stutter in 21.3.x

That`s not the case. It`s only for dx12 games anyway. 

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Adept II

Re: Shader Cache stutter in 21.3.x

Helped with different stuff - Cyberpunk 2077 is smoother, but not with this issue.

Adept II

Re: Shader Cache stutter in 21.3.x

Reproduced with 21.4.1 WHQL.