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Adept I

Shader Cache Size need an Limit Option

Hello Folks,


there is an "Issue" in AMD Drivers that need to be changed asap. I tested Drivers from May 2022 to July 2023.


First of all, i play many different Games per Day and there is one thing that makes me super angry after some Time. Some of the Games begin to Hitch/Stutter after some Days. After many many Days of testing and searching i have checked the AMD Cache Folders under C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\AMD. And here is the Thing, as soon as the Cache Folders reach 4gb of Size or more than that, the AMD Driver delete Cache Files after next Reboot to the Point it reaches max 4gb. It delete the oldest ones. So when you start your Game and the deleted Cache Files are the Files from that specific game, it recompile the Shaders at first play and than the Game stutters and Hitches everytime you do new Things. First Shoot, open Bags etc.

Nvidia has a Function to change the Shader Cache Size Limits. Why not AMD? This is absolutely mandatory in my Opinion. When you look in many Forum Threads, many AMD Users have Stutter Issues, this could be the Solution in many Cases.

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