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Shader cache in Catalyst 2019 and 2020


Please check how Shader Cache option worked here: 

And how its works here: 

I own Radeon VII. It works well with Catalyst 19.5.2, but Catalyst 20.5.1 has updates in terms of WDDM 2.7 and its apparently more fine-tuned, however i cannot use it.

The problem is with absent "Shader Cache: AMD Optimized" option.

If the cache was properly cleared, certain games (for example Witcher 3) will stutter upon loading new objects on 20.5.1, even on 19.5.2 if the "Shader cache" is either Off, or On... Everything works fine ONLY if its set to "AMD Optimized".

Is there a way how i can toggle this option with newer drivers? Registry key... anything... I would preferably see it back available for specific gaming profiles.

(Also regarding FRTC... There are certain old games which can run up to 4000fps, unnecessarilly taxing hardware... FRTC is capable to fix this, but its less an issue, since there are 3rd party frame limiters for this.)