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Journeyman III

Severe performance in Firefox when HW decoding is enabled

Hi there,

for like a month now I got a problem in Firefox that occurs immediately after I open up any video or livestream. After extensive bug hunting on the Bugzilla forums (click for more info) I realized that resetting my GPU driver settings helped (but weirdly enough, importing my old settings didn't do any harm either). That lasted for about a week, until a GPU driver update came out, now it's all the same again. We came to the conclusion that disabling Hardware decoding helps, so it must be a problem with my driver I assume. I tried out earlier versions of Firefox (with mozregression) and had the same issue, but didn't have them when my browser had that version back then when it came out. The only thing that changed since then is my driver.

Now I'm wondering why, cause I got a good GPU (Powercolor Radeon RX 6700 XT, 12 GB) and GPU load is less than 10% when HW decoding is enabled, so it's certainly not throttled or anything. I'd really like to use it though, it certainly helps when more media tabs are open and if I got the GPU, why not make use of it. Driver version 22.5.1, had the issue with the driver from before as well. Issue isn't occuring on Google Chrome, Hardware acceleration is enabled.
I really hope there's a solution other than disabling hw enconding or using a different browser...

Thank you!

Best regards,

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I'm also using Firefox, Win 10 and a 6700XT but I never had any issues with firefox since I have this GPU. Are you using Win 11 ?
Meanwhile create a new firefox profile, maybe your current one is corrupted.


Yea, I'm on Win11. Haven't had any issues with it yet though, using it since November.

I've already tried anfresh profile. I even used mozregression which let's you try out different firefox builds. I tried multiple builds, some even were from 2021, and in all of them the problem still occured, when I didn't have it back then when said version came out in 2021. Also tried out safe mode. So it's definitely not my profile or any extension causing this.