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Journeyman III

Setting Applications to use specific GPU

I have two GPUs in my desktop. I want the newer one to run games and rendering while the older one runs things like window manager and chrome. The new GPU is GPU 0 and the old one is GPU 1.

GPU 0 : 5700 XT

GPU 1 : R9 290x

It seems like the window manager automatically chooses GPU 1, which I want to happen. Games automatically choose GPU 0 (also good). However, I cannot find any way to force chrome or other apps to use GPU 1 like I want.

I've tried these steps in windows, but all the "preferences" are the same GPU 0. (Step 9 and 10 here: How to set default GPU for apps on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech ). I understand that this is because neither of them are "low power" GPUs or something.

All my drivers are up to date as of now. I thought there would be some preference in the radeon software by defining chrome as a "game" and setting a profile, but that doesn't seem to be an option.

How can I force chrome to use GPU 1 instead of GPU 0?