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Journeyman III

Setting AMD Catalyst Control Center to few games .

Hey there ! I have to admit i never had such problems with gaming after switching to a brand new laptop with 2 graphic cards o.o!

First things first my laptop specs are as follows  :

Laptop got like a week .

Asus R510DP-XX118H 4GB RAM (WIN10 64x)

AMD 10-5750M APU Elite Quad Core 2,5GHZ-3,5 GHz

Radeon Graphics HD 8670M 2GB + Radeon HD 8650G

AMD Catalys version 15.20.1062.1003-150728a1-187373E

DirectX 11.2 (12?)

My problems in games are mainly about fps drop,lags,not enough cripsy colours .

So im playing few games at the moment Aion,Final Fantasy 13,League of Legends my questions are  ''HOW'' do i set up graphic options for those games to work like a charm i have seen something like adding a profile of setting to some applications but kill me i have no idea how to set them up even thou i got Polish version these options don't tell me much....As i said i enver had to configure anyting in graphic cards to make my game look nice,crispy and not laggy .  Someone told me that when i set up high performance some games might work better but doesn't work with all games 😕 .So let's start from Final Fnatasy 13 Update 3 as i can change in game launcher options but! The game works flawless on 1280x720 (window mode) with shadow res 512x512 and anti aliasing x2 no idea if it's gonna work better with higher sadows or anti aliasing as i don't know what does aliasing do in games . After trying the game on 1366x768 im starting to feel slower loading of the game same goes to saving and running around the map. Next thing colours as i know from FF13 (PS3) version colours wear crispy and warm  but when im playing on laptop they are kinda gloomy and i see some sort of dissortions after winnging a fight under the stars (kinda like yellow squares) . Ok let's move to the battle battle doesn't lag that much but i would rather have the same speed as i had on 1280x720... Switching paradigms and playing as 2-3 ravegars give a feeling that game is slowing down but when i got 3 casters on the field i really feel the slowdowns  so if anyone could give me a hand with setting my catalyst/options to this gameto make it work like a charm on 1366x768 i would appreciate .

Next thing Legue of Legends not much here beside i think my older laptop(4 years old) could load game faster as this one... and it had x2 2.3 intel integrated graphic card so i Wonder what's the problem here? settings again? if yes i would appreciate setting to this game as well .

Aion hmm well while on (high settings-graphic engine) i got like 16-20 fps i was forced to play on default engine if anyone got options for max settings i would appreciate as well

One more thing. My Catalyst is in Polish so if someone care to give me a guide screenshots higherly reccomended or at least explain me step by step where to go and what to do as im not that smart  TY! .