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Set which display Radeon Software uses?

I currently have 2 monitors. One main display (M1) in the center, and one secondary display (M2) to the left. I moved the taskbar & desktop icons to M2 so I can use the entirety of M1 for playing games fullscreen. I've been on my computer for roughly 1-2 hours and Radeon suddenly decided it wants to use M2. Now it does everything on M2; It opens the Software & Sidebar on there, as well as record & instant replay that screen as well. And as far as I can tell, there's no way to change the display it uses. I have M1 set as the main display in Windows Settings so that it records that screen, and the only way I know of to make it go back to recording M1 is to restart the entire computer, which I am NOT going to be doing every few hours. Any help? I'm literally lost as to why this would be happening.

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100

GPU: Radeon R7 250X

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