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September Drivers Missing from list?

Query as to why these were removed from the official drivers list, any September drivers under 23.9 are no longer available

At present the list of previous drivers goes as far as  23.8.2 (WHQL Recommended) > 8/31/2023

Of course you can find them easily online but I don't see anything on why they were removed?

I'm currently running 23.9.3 on my 6800XT, so curious if I missed something here

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Volunteer Moderator

I looked, and you are correct. The 23.9.X drivers are actually gone even from the previous driver link on the driver page. 

This is purely just a theory I have, but I believe it was due to the freezes people, including myself, experienced with all of the September drivers. This is purely speculation. I was unable to find any information on this specific situation. 

I think AMD did the right thing here. There were numerous users that experienced freezes when interacting with browsers, Steam, and other applications requiring a driver restart to fix the issue. For me restarting drivers only fixed the issue for a few minutes. Because of this, I moved to 23.9.1 and eventually, further back to the 23.8.2 WHQL drivers until the 23.10.2 drivers were released.

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I was guessing it might be something like this but I'm never a fan of when action is taken and no reason is provided. Rubs me the wrong way in terms of basic transparency 


I found 23.9.1 to be perfectly good as far as I could tell but 23.9.2 and 23.9.3 were totally unusable having  the desktop freeze bug.

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