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Journeyman III

Semonkey screen goes black CCC v 15.7 with A10


Using asrock A10 with 3850APU. 4GB ram

All was fine then I upgraded CCC to 15.7 from 14. something.  From then I have had intermittent problems with the Seamonkey browser window going black. If I have several windows open they all go black. The rest of the screen is fine.  Also the taskbar seamonkey icon shows the image for each window correctly.  If I click on the taskbar image it sometimes fixes the problem. I have installed Seamonkey and reinstalled a new download (same version 2.33.1).  This may go a few days and not happen then it may happen 2 or 3 times in an hour.

I think the driver may be problem but everything says its OK. Any ideas?