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Journeyman III

Sekiro LODs are STILL broken in most mid/late game areas when using any driver after 19.1.1 on RX 480 8gb. Please fix this.

I just updated to 19.6.1 and Sekiro still has bad LOD pop-in in many areas of the mid/late game, especially Senpou Temple. Again, the 19.1.1 driver from January does NOT have this LOD problem but every other driver after it does have the issue and I don't want to have to use a 5 month old driver for one game. I have submitted multiple reports to AMD over the last 3 months and haven't heard a word back if they're even looking into it. You would think it'd be somewhat of an easy fix given that the answer already exists somewhere in the 19.1.1 driver. Please look into this AMD.

I uploaded a video clip of the LOD bug in action below:

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