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Journeyman III

Screen recording not working

Im in need of some help, it's strange but it really is beginning to annoy me now. 

I seem to have issues with my screen recording/sharing the desktop.

I cannot record my screen through the adrenaline software, also I am unable to screen share on discord, I feel these two issues may be related. 

Also I have been streaming my games over the last month and there has been no issues using streamlabs to capture my game display 

I found that by re-installing the current driver software the issue is cleared. I can do both screen recording through adrenaline and screen share on discord ....but after shutting down the pc and starting up again the problem begins again. 


I cannot keep reinstalling the driver software. 

Any idea what my problem is and how I can fix this?

Im on windows 11 

Gpu is rx7900 xtx and all software is regularly kept updated. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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