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Screen occasionally flickers black, drivers aren't crashing.

A chronic problem I have had with my system is occasional screen flickers. 
I use an RX470 card, and run 22.5.1 drivers. For a long time, I have had the occasional black flicker on my screen, which remains for maybe a second or less before returning to normal. It doesn't seem to be a driver crash, as Adrenalin never reports a crash happening. Reinstalling my AMD Adrenalin with a factory reset seems to fix it for a time, but it could just be coincidence.

Any idea what the problem might be? Bad connection? Bad card, maybe? I've had it for a long time, it could be going wrong finally, but I've heard the symptoms of that are much different.

other device specs: 
ASUS Strix X470-F motherboard, Ryzen 5 2600X processor, 16gb RAM (task manager says 1067 mhz, I still don't know how to check properly since I'm not a super good computer person), Radeon RX470 graphics card, 600 watt EVGA power supply, and Windows 10 Pro.

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I've heard it could also be a strange problem with the Chrome browser... Caused the person's screens to all flicker black for a fraction of a second in a similar fashion, and would sometimes mess with aspects of Google Meets meetings they were in.

Any ideas?


Hello? Has anyone seen this?