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Journeyman III

screen goes black during amd driver installation

my amd radeon r9 280x was working just fine until about a week after i bought it, my screen suddenly kept freezing so i would restart my pc and it wouild fix the problem for a few hours but now it just doesnt work at all. i used ddu and entered safe mode to properly delete the drivers and reinstall them but it goes black during the installation process. The pc and monitor is still on and running during the black screen and my gpu fans are moving. my specs are 16gb ram, intle i3 10100F, Lexar 240gb ssd, MSI H510M-A PRO, and an EVGA 500w 80+ psu. 

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Adept II


during the instalation process the screen normally goes black and flickers a bit, if its doesnt come back within 5 minutes or so, it could be due to defective drivers, try previous driver versions if you can, hopefully that works. if it continues to do it its probably a gpu related issue and returning said card for a refund would be the best bet.