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Adept I

Screen flickering 5700 XT - Defective GPU / Drivers?

Recently built a new PC for the Radeon RX 5700 XT, however, since I've had it it's been nothing but trouble so far. Occasionally the screen will start flickering out like crazy when I'm on specific pages online or even specific parts of youtube videos. That paired with the BSOD with the new update 19.8.1, I'm honestly a bit fed up. If there are any solutions or ideas as to what's the issue here it would be greatly appreciated.

Drivers: 19.8.1

Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x

GPU: Radeon RX 5700 XT

RAM: 3200mhz DDR4

OS: Windows 10

- All my drivers are up to date.

- Video shows what the issue.


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Journeyman III

Mine randomly flickers to black screen while playing games. Currently on 19.8.1.


Same here with Sapphire 5700 XT, in Apex random black flickering (cable swap from DP to HDMI) didnt help, we have to wait until new driver is released.


I dowgraded my druver to the previous  ersion and disabled the in game overlay of origin. Im no loger getting the random black screen flicker.



I was experiencing this issue from past couple of months and now finally got an idea why it is happening I've used my card from a period of time and not it has a lot of dust  or carbon inside which is causing this issue you have to clean that, in in order to get rid of this issue you can take this to a shopkeeper who will do it in a very cheap price or you can do it at home but be very careful I've got so annoyed from this issue so just wanted to help anyone get here IN search of the fix thanks.. :)


Cpu intel i5 4590

Gpu Rx 570

Ram 16gb


I just started that issue..... used my card for 2 years now 

card R9 200 Series (R290X)

I turned everything off
cleaned it but still, it gets worse especially when I play games like Insurgency Sandstorm even Euro Truck and especially when running a youtube thing on Full screen .... it crashes my games and sometimes goes to full black screen .

Adept I

You can try to disable enhanced sync (Global), set it to always off and disable freesync (Display), this might help a bit, but i am not getting BSODs in windows, maybe cause i have an Intel CPU, friend of mine, he has Ryzen, said that reverting back to 19.7.5 helped him to get rid of the BSODs.

Also what you can check in Wattman (if you have a 144hz screen) if the memory is throttling or is still running at full 875mhz, this will kick the memory pretty hard and the memory temperature can go over 100 degrees (mine was in Apex at 96 degrees, just in menu), solution is to set the monitor to 120hz and re-check wattman, if it goes down from 875 to 100 you are good to go. I had this issue on my 240hz monitor.


Thanks for the input. I tried setting my monitor to both 120hz and 60hz, however, it seems to only drop from 875 to 840.


Did you also disable enhanced sync in the global options (always off)? Mine is throttling in windows normally at 120 hz down to 100, try to play around with the settings, disable completely enhanced sync and freesync and re-check again.

Adept II

Hi  valste

19.8.2 drivers are out, it is worth checking on latest drivers. 

Adept I

Hi, I'm having the same issue, mine also flickers on/of and weird artifacts.

B450 Bazooka V2

Ryzen 3600

XFX 5700 - Driver 19.10 (also occurred in earlier versions)

Usually happens when I finish playing a game and there is a switch in resolution. Also happens when restarting PC and the initial startup there is a change in resolution. Seems like it just becomes unstable when this happens and it flickers randomly on/off. It may stop for a while and then it continues. 


This is only a temporary solution that worked for me. When it starts flickering, open the AMD Radeon Settings>Display> Turn on or turn off either Virtual Resolution or GPU scaling. Once you toggle it the flickering will immediately stop.

Hope this helps. Not a permanent solution, but it does stop the flickering.

Adept I

Just an update here. But it turns out the artifacting and all, was actually just a faulty monitor issue.

Journeyman III

I recently switched to a 5700XT and I was having a similar sort of flickering issue. Every couple of seconds or so during using a graphically intensive application there was a black frame. I've resolved this issue by reverting to the recommended 19.9.2 drivers and ensuring that all of my older graphics drivers were removed. The issue only started occurring for me in the first place when I connected two monitors, one over HDMI and the other DisplayPort. Hope this helps!


hey did u ever figure this out.. my screen just started flickering like this today. 1 week old build.and ive been having issues with my gpu or its drivers the whole time. like bsod and random restarts. 


Two tings are to take are.

1: Change the driver to the newest one.

2: The back of the GPU had 4 screw, you need to put a thin plastic washers and tighten very hard so there more contact pressure with the GPU heatsink.

I have playing about 3 months or more every day and there no problem at all.

Please let me know if it work.

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Hey i actually figured it out I just had to turn off MSI afterburner fan control. I googled it and some other ppl did the same thing and the screen flickering went away immediately. 


Dead thread but figured I'd post for any with the same issue - that driver version fixed it for me on the 5700XT. I was also getting flickering on graphically intensive games, as well as high-def camera feeds like during a zoom call and my home security feed. All good now with that driver version. I still get a green screen during boot but might give up on fixing that as it doesn't actually affect anything and everything boots okay and the green screen goes away upon reaching the windows login screen

Adept I

  Ok i done everithing!

Found a solution!

Am using 5700xt Strix GPU. 

I install Asus 19.30.02 but is not that simple.

1 Download the driver but do not install it yet.

2 Unzip the rar file.

3 Open the Asus Win7Win10 64Bit 19.30.02 folder.

4 Open Bin64

3 Execute AMDCleanupUtility.

4 It will say that to execute you will need it in safe mode.

5 Click ok and automatically will restart the machine in the safe mode.

6 It suppose to execute the program if not go and execute manually from the already Unzip file AMDCleanupUtility.

7 After finish it will restart if not you restart the machine.

7 Now you can install the program.

It work for me and each time I was playing Battlefield 4 it was flickering or just crash the driver wile playing.

Other thing that i dont have is the PCI encription decription cantroller in the device manager. 

I play all day without any problem. I also restart the machine and play without the issue.

Hope that works for you guys. Let me know if it work for you too so it can passed the voice and enjoy the games.

Thanks Samuel Aponte

Adept I

 Oh forgot!

My specs.

Crooshair HeroViii MBO

Ryzen 9 3900x 4.3ghz all core.

Ram V-color Technology SK Hynix 1798 Mhz

(1799.6 DRAM Frecuency)  (FSB:DRAM 3:54)  (CAS#Latency 18.0)

(RAS#toCAS# Delay 19)  (RAS#Precharge 19)  (Cycle Time 39)  

(Bank Cycle Time 83)   and (Command Rate 1T)



Journeyman III

I'm no expert, so please take what follows with a grain of salt.

I was having the screen flicker problem on an Alienware R10 with a RX 560 4GB & Ryzen 5950X CPU. I assumed the GPU was bad because it was previously used for mining by a friend. I swapped it for a NVIDIA GT710 - all problems went away.

Today I received my RX6800 XT & installed it. Low and behold, massive screen flickers returned.

Solution: I swapped the HDMI cable. All problems resolved.

Note: This was a known working HDMI cable and did not have these issues with other devices - which is partly what made it difficult to isolate immediately. For whatever reason, AMD GPU's don't like that HDMI cable. Maybe because of version? IDK. All I know is that my system works great now and without screen flickers.

All the research I did online pointed to a bad GPU. This was not the case. The clue was when a brand new AMD GPU presented the same exact symptom.

I hope this helps someone else out there.