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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Screen flashes black randomly after running app in full screen (gaming)

System specs:

Asus x99-a

i7 5820k @4,6Ghz

16gb (2x8gb) BLS8G4D240FSB

AMD Vega 64 Limited edition

Samsung 960 Evo 250gb <- OS drive

Samsung 750 Evo 250gb

Seagate  ST100DM003 1tb

So.. I recently reinstalled the OS on my system during the "malwarebytes incident" assuming my OS to be bricked at the time. So I reinstalled the OS, Drivers etc.. and then I started having issues, quite often after gaming my screen would flash black once every 20 seconds or so as if the monitor is getting disconnected. The only fix is rebooting the system.

I tried DDU app and that didn't resolve the issue. 

So today I reinstalled the OS again, hoping it was some driver issue, I (or Windows) might have messed up something driver related. Reinstalling the OS didn't solve the issue, it still remains. 

No it's not a screen or cable issue. It only happens AFTER gaming.

I checked the forums, some people mentioning black screen issues but none are quite like mine.

If anyone knows a potential fix, great.

If not, I will probably have to RMA the card after testing it in another system.

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