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Screen Corruption - Ryzen 2200G

Hi AMD guys,

after the 1803 Update for windows 10 was rolled out the 3d mode of my 2200G's vega graphics is totally pixelated & wrong colored.

Installed the latest 2200G graphics driver; no effect. Installed older driver; no effect. Installed newest chipset driver pack; no effect - 3D mode still damaged.

In other words i cant play with my 2200G anymore until AMD decides to release an APU driver for the 2200G that supports this Windows 10 1803 version.

Please release a new supporting driver for 2200G APU's - thank you.


Edit: Image added so that you can see what iam talking about - this is how PUBG looks with Win 1803 on my Ryzen 2200G actually:


Before updating to 1803 everything was perfect - please AMD, fix that.

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Your peers here can share our knowledge of workarounds to help with driver issues. The forums are not AMD employees, they are a community of peers, like you. Fixes only can come from AMD, and you are 99.9% of the time not going to be talking to AMD in these forums. It is great for all of us to know about new bugs so please always share anything you find. Ultimately though you aren't letting AMD know about your problem here. You need to open a new support ticket upon every new driver release that does not correct an issue, unless they address the issue as known or fixed in the release notes. Then you know they know about it. I agree this option is not optimal, but to my knowledge is the only way to communicate with AMD in an official capacity.   Email Form

Good luck, I hope they have a new driver out soon. The more people that report the problem, will hopefully help that happen faster.

Oh, ty for letting me know. - i was under the impression that devs at least read here periodically or that forum mods pass on important issues to the devs, thats how they handle it at least in asrock support forums.

Well, good to know man - so i'll send them an email and see what happens because this is driving me nutz.

Tried another dozen of changes and driver reinstalls yesterday but no luck - 3D mode remains corrupted as is. ^^


Not saying that one of the 2 mods here doesn't pass along information to the driver team. Just saying it's seldom you see acknowledgement that they have done that. As far as I am concerned if I have no confirmation then it didn't happen.

Journeyman III


     i have the exact same problem, but with 2400G. I tried newer version of windows drivers (23.20.841.1024) from Windows Update Catalog but result was the same. You can switch from game to Night Light control panel in Windows, then switch Day/Night mode and while transiting switch back to game as workaround. This will fix color palette.


Make sure all you guys report this issue officially to AMD Email Form

Journeyman III

OHH MY GOD THANK YOU!!! Ive had the same problem too on my brand new computer i built with the ryzen 3 2200g... thank you for posting this thread i believed it was the new windows update too! You have relieved my stress... thank god


Yeh, i was kinna :O aswell because in first i thought the processor took damage somehow :/

Guys, its very important that every Ryzen 2200G / 2400G user affected of this problem reports this to AMD themselfs with the email form provided by pokester in this thread here. It takes a minute but do it guys; they need to understand that this not only affects one single user but alot and that they will only take action when enough users report the issue via this email form. So please, everyone affected report it to them and refer to this thread.

Btw here is another thread where people report similiar problems with 2200G/2400G - that clearly indicates that we are not just 1-2 people affected by this but definately need a new driver from AMD that fixes this behaviour with 1803. ^^

Community Manager

Please try updating to our new driver which has support for the Ryzen Vega processors. Please let us know your feedback and if you encounter any further issues.

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