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Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700XT Fan Speed Not Reading


I've had a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700XT for about a year now and generally it seems to work fine, but whenever I run a game with any frames to crunch the fans spin up super loud, seemingly to max RPM, with no middle ground. Radeon software never really shows a core temp much over 60, so it doesn't seem to be overheating. (Though the junction goes up to 90-100 or so.) And most oddly Radeon never reads fan speed above 29 RPM, even when it sounds like the fans are at full blast. Is this a driver issue? Or possibly some issue with the hardware that reads the fan speed? It'd be great if I could set a fan curve but if the software and the card aren't talking to each other it doesn't seem viable. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated!


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If the Junction Temperature called the Hot Spot reaches 90c-100C that would explain the fans running at full speed.

When the Hot Spot or Junction Temperature starts reaching 110C it will automatically throttle the GPU card to maintain the hot spot at 110C or below.

The rest sounds like Radeon isn't reading the Fan speed sensor correctly nor regulating the Fans properly.

Have you used AMD Wattman to set a GPU Fan Curve on your GPU card?

Try using another 3rd Party Monitoring software to see if it reads the GPU fans speed correctly. GPU-Z, I believe shows the Fan speeds or Hardware Monitor. 

OCCT also shows GPU fan speeds under Monitoring feature.

Thanks for this!

Used GPU-Z and it seems to get the same reads as Radeon. I.e. same temps, and still never shows more than 29 RPM for fan speed, though they're almost certainly going much faster when playing games. I'll take a look at Wattman, though I had previously tried some fan curve settings in Radeon without seeing a difference. Is it possibly a hardware issue?

Thanks again!!!

If the GPU fans are running above 90% in your estimation by looking at them and by their noise but the monitoring programs is showing 28 RPM or slow speeds I suggest you open a Sapphire Support ticket and see if your GPU card needs to be checked or replaced.

Sounds like a faulty Fan speed sensor. Either on the GPU card or possibly on the Motherboard reading the GPU Fan sensor. just guessing though.

See what they believe the problem is or have you run certain tests.

If you use a GPU Stressing software on the GPU card you can check to see what the Fan speed is showing when the GPU is under heavy stress or load. It should be at maximum 100%. If it doesn't then you need to have Sapphire check the GPU card out.

NOTE: The GPU card doesn't just have one Hot spot sensor, But it has several Thermal Sensors throughout the GPU card monitoring hot spots on the GPU card. If any starts or reaches 110C the GPU card will automatically slow down to reduce power thus temperature.