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Journeyman III

sapphire 5700xt win10 system crashes


hi all, for about 2 months or so I've been having random system crashes with the amd saphire 5700 xt. never had any crashes in the last 3 years. what happens is:

the system randomly crashes, either in chrome or in world of warcraft (my only 2 use cases). right before the crash the image freezes and I hear the sound continue for some time until the system freezes entirely and either reboots after a certain time or I shut it down.

once I shut it down manually then the computer refuses to boot (black screen, no fan sound) and I have to wait for at least 30 seconds until I start rebooting.

once rebooted my amd drivers are gone and the screen is super laggy as no driver is installed! then windows proposes its own amd drivers via software update but I can't open adrenaline after that (when opening adrenaline it tells me "windows update may have automatically replaced amd graphics driver...").

I then have to reinstall the latest amd drivers completely and reboot twice so it works again. and then it either works for hours in a row or it crashes randomly after max. 30 minutes and the procedure starts again where the pc wouldn't reboot and the driver is uninstalled.

anyone has any clue? I have all the lates win10 updates, did a complete system reinstall (format c), have all the latest amd drivers and no hardware issues (I have dual boot on a hackintosh and my mac os never crashes, so it must be something either windows or amd did in one of the updates). I've tried downgrading the adrenaline version but it happens with older versions as well.

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Adept II

Does your GPU still have warranty? If yes, start a RMA with the shop you bought it at or the manufacturer.

This reads like a GPU that is starting to fail. I had the same issue on my old R9 270X.
It would start to crash games after a certain time, then started hard locking the pc. Two days later on one of the manual reboots I also lost drivers. Reinstalling the driver resulted in them working again till a crash occurred again. Over the week+ this became worse and worse. Until the driver would not detect the GPU anymore.

If you do not have warranty, but have a spare AMD card at home, test with that or try to borrow one for testing. 

Either that or send in your GPU to a specialist electronics repair shop.

thanks, I keep the forum posted when it gets worse, but I figured it's something like this. unfortunately I'm outside of the warranty phase and a new gpu is 1000 bucks so I might buy as well a new pc system alltogether and get it with enhanced 5 year warranty.


No problem.

A specialist repair shop is cheaper then a buying a new 1000 bucks card. But that depends on where you live tho. If it can be fixed, reselling would become an option.
They could perform a solder re-flow in a professional way, either the whole card on a component basis, or reball components like the gpu die if it's solder connection is off.

DIY baking your gpu can be done as well, but I do  NOT advise this unless you ARE skilled with computer electronics.

Done this myself on my old 270X years ago and after it it worked flawlessly for over 6 months until I upgraded it.