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Samsung TV 1440p 120Hz should be possible but it isn't with AMD


so i just registered to ask this, it really bothers me.

I have a

Laptop with the Ryzen 5/Vega with a 1080p panel

i also have a

Desktop PC with a Ryzen 5 1600 and a GTX 1070 Ti,


when i connect the desktop i can turn of the Game Mode and FreeSync on my TV, the GTX 1070 Ti recognizes that and sets the resolution automatically to 1440p at 120Hz with full RGB, this was the reason why i chose this specific TV, to play with that resolution and refresh rate.

So far so good.

But when i plug in my Laptop, then only resolution at 120Hz i can choose is 1080p, no matter what i do in the TV settings or on the PC, 1080p at 120Hz is max, every other res. goes with 60Hz.

I even bought an older R7 card to see if it's because of my laptop or not, put that R7 GPU in the Desktop, same thing.


I wanted to switch/upgrade to all AMD build when the parts become available next year, but now i don't know if i should, seems like AMD just isn't recognizing my TV as 1440p 120Hz display, although it totally is!

my model btw is:




Is there something i am not seeing?

Can someone help?



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