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Journeyman III

Samsung Odyssey G9 (49") not working at 240 Hz with AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT

Hi there i have had an Nvidia 3080 and switched over to the 6800XT.

With Nvidia i have had a similar Problem. Nvidia fixed it with a Driver Update so i hope AMD will with this, too.

The Problem itself is:

It doesn't work with my Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor at 240 Hz, right now the maximum is 120Hz.
The screen gets massive coruption when I try to set the refresh rate to 240Hz, what was working well before (Nvidia 3080).

Monitor is the latest Firmware 1008.1


Driver Version: Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.3 Optional

and i am using a official AMD 6800XT.

So hopefully AMD will fix this soon.


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Unfortunately and we users are glad you did, posting this here only lets other user know about the issue. These are USER TO USER forums only. Nobody from AMD driver team is here.

To let AMD know about this game issue please use the Bug Report in Radeon Settings.

You can also open two way dialogue here is you want as well with AMD support.

These are the only 2 methods that positively AMD will get. 

Adept I

Bug reportBug report

I also observe this error. The solution to this problem seems to be to set the custom scale in Windows from 100% to 110% or 125% or any other. Then the blinking stops, at least that's how it looks for now. However, you may occasionally encounter BSOD. AMD needs to fix this. I definitely recommend sending a Bug report via AMD Radeon Software.

I see that the problem has been known for a long time, I do not understand that AMD has not fixed it yet. Samsung G9 Massive Flickering at 240Hz with 6900 XT 

Adept I

The problem was finally solved after more than a year. The first correct drivers are 21.11.3 .