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Journeyman III

Samsung Monitor will not work with 5700 RX or 5700 XT

I did a new build a few weeks ago, AMD 3600X, X570  MB, 16Gig ram, m.2 drive and a Red Dragon 5700 RX. Did the build, installed Windows, updated Windows, everything worked fine. Updated MB driver, bios, etc...everything worked great. 

Went to install the driver software (Adrenaline) for the GPU, gets to 70% and my monitor goes black. Stays black. I reboot, I can see the MB logo, then the screen goes black, no Windows.

I reformat, try again, same screen. I figure its the GPU crashing my system, take it back, get a 5700 XT, same issue after a fresh Windows install/update...screen goes black 70% in!

I then figure its the MB, swap for a different brand X570 (MSI), format the drive, reload Windows/update, same issue again 70% into the Adrenaline install.

I swap RAM with my sons new build, same thing, swap power supply, same thing! At this point, I have reformatted/installed/updated a dozen times! Going nuts at this point. I pulled out my  phone and started Googling and I heard a Windows notification chime, even though my screen was black. I grabbed my sons monitor, plugged it in and Windows appeared! Checked the graphics driver and it read Radeon 5700 XT! WTF???

I took my monitor, plugged it in my sons build and black screen! I tried 3 different HDMI cables,a Display port cable in all 3 slots and nothing. Hooked his monitor back to his box and Windows is open. I tried to reset the monitor, change refresh rate, download monitor driver before installing the Radeon software, etc...all with the same black screen result.

The monitor in question is a Samsung Curved 27", about 3 years old, Model C27F391FHN

Its a very nice unit with a great picture, no dead pixels, etc...

I went out and got a 27" MSI Curved monitor (MAG27) and plugged it in and it works great...the problem has to be the monitor itself. 

It works great until i install the driver package for the card from AMD, then bam, black screen, wont display Windows, even though its up and running. 

I would love to be able to use it still and give my son the new MSI or be greedy and keep it and give him the Samsung 27"...any ideas on how to solve this? 

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