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Adept I

Samsung monitor black screens still not fixed in 21.1.1

Todays driver release says it fixed the black screens for certain Samsung monitors. It does not say it fixed the issue for the CRG9 but instead says it fixes it for the G9. The CRG9 is last years model in the line. I've submitted bug reports and posted on the AMD subreddit. What else can I do?

My issue is that with my Samsung CRG9 if I wake the system from sleep It seems to work like normal for about 5 seconds. Then the screen goes black. Even the OSD of the monitor no longer works unless I unplug the DP cable. This issue did not start until the day I installed my 6900XT. It did not exist on my Radeon VII that I removed.

Fixed Issues

  • Some displays such as the Sceptre C series or Samsung™ Odyssey G9 series may experience an intermittent black screen on Radeon RX 6000 series graphics products.

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Adept II

Ahaha! Same thing. And I returned the card for testing.

lets see what they report...

Adept II

Actually, not sure if this is the same as with my 6800XT. It was not clear from your description...

Does your PC crash/hung?

Did you found any way to get back the screen working without rebooting the PC (hard reset)?

Adept II

Can you check which version of windows you are running at the moment? is it the 2020 version or older?


It's 20H2 bit this issue has a work around until AMD can get new drivers out. It was shared with me what that is. Go into overrides in the AMD driver and turn off HDCP. Monitor works after system sleep everytime now. 


The work around for now is Open Radeon Software > Display > Display "x" (with x being the CRG9) > Overrides > HDCP Support > Toggle to Disabled.


Thanks. Will try that today and confirm.

GPU obviously came from testing without any problems. But because their screen is a legacy one...

Appreciate the information. Now that you refer to it, I kind of relate to the first days before I did a windows update... maybe something within that update that created this problem. Because I had 6 days solid running with this GPU before this started after that update.




Ok... it did not work for me. Disabling HDCP still leads to a freeze after 7/8 hours.

Next try, uninstalled the drivers to check if there is something from this version causing it. I have the feeling it was something around that, or something I changed on the BIOS (which supposedly I have already set to previous values, but maybe I forgot something).


If that does not work too, I will just use "temporarily" another screen again to check if it freezes still. Since the store tested with a legacy screen, it could be related to some VRR stuff they did not use accidentally on their test.

This was working, so, it has to continue working. It is just a matter of time for me to find out what it is.


I think we are making progress... and I will start a new thread because my problem does not seem related to yours and it will be a way I can get attention from AMD.

So, just to conclude, uninstalled the Adrenaline drivers and still soon to make conclusions, but it's been 9 hours uptime without any issues.

So if the situation continues, there is something on these drivers causing the freeze. Which would make sense according to what I see everywhere else.

Using the windows drivers I can still play games and basic work stuff, so it works fine for now. Can't limit framerate, which in a GPU like this is an absolute must... but hey, no freeze is already very positive for me.

Adept II

Hey... just saw...


Let me know if it fixes the problem for you. I am going to run for a while without any drivers until I see more positive stuff around.

Adept III

Same here!

Still random black screens with Vega64 on AM4 X370 Win 10 64bit on a M.2 SSD

I used the Bug Report Tool a lot so...

Guys and girls,

I have fixed my problem by using the AMD Drivers Cleanup tool (removes all drivers in safe mode) and then installing the newest drivers.

No more freezes after 8 hours. I am running for more than 48 h already... stable now.