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Journeyman III

SAM x470- b450 TECHNOLOGY?

good afternoon everyone, this is my first message. I have a question about amd and its compatibility with b450 and x470 motherboards for sam technology. About a year ago and I promised to support sam technology on these boards, I have an asus x470 pro prime. a shappire rx 6800 and a ryzen 7 5800x, i feel abandoned by amd. from asus they tell me they can't do anything and amd doesn't do anything. Is it expected to comply? the risable with nvidia works but sam was not supported. We know something? Thanks.

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It is supported.

I have a 6700XT, ryzen 5800X on a x470 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon and SAM is working.

Check that your motherboard is on the latest BIOS and enable re-BAR in BIOS.

Also you must have UEFI bios enabled because it's not working on CSM legacy bios. If you are on CSM BIOS than it's more complicated to enable UEFI BIOS...I think that you have to reinstall windows. ( or it may be a workaround but I don't know it)

Well, in the end I had to format, install window 10 with UEfi and after that activate the Sam it was possible ... although it surprises me it is something so little intuitive and complicated, after asus told me that it could not be ... nor they know they may or may not do. Thanks for your help.

Yeah you have to do a little digging to find that you actually need UEFI boot enabled in order for SAM to work...I don't know why it's not mentioned in the official webpage.
Anyway glad that you got it working.