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sadly it is the time

sadly it is time to move on from this trash AMD to other products it is looks like they cant keep up with what the offer and every years we all have to come here to look for a solution for the problem that their drivers cause. I am sick and tired of this BS after 15 years of buying AMD my next thing will be something else there is no hope for this company.  

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Sad to hear it!
I've just purchased my first AMD motherboard and processor, and about to make the plunge and get the upcoming Radeon graphics card. I've wanted to give AMD a shot, so hopefully it will be OK.

I guess we'll see in a month


I took the plunge too in May of this year, Radeon 6950xt to go with my faithful old Ryzen 3600.  It hasn't been without issues but certainly not as bad as some others here.  (I still don't know why they have to bundle audio drivers with video drivers and not make them optional).

But after having a 1080ti for 4 years and it being such a dream GPU my standards were pretty high coming to the AMD ecosystem. So good luck with whatever system you end up with. My only advice is to keep it as plain and efficient as possible, no extraneous software running the background that could conflict with system drivers. and for the love of god don't let windows update any drivers when it checks every week.


Hmm .. I do not echo your sentiments at all. My RX 570's, RX 580's ..even the RX 550 (currently in my wife's rig) .. RX 5700xt (both of them I've owned/currently run in my daughter's setup) and my current 6700xt have all been/are great cards

From the Ryzen 1700 up through to my current 5900x and respective AM4 motherboards over the years .. have all been great with only a few hiccups .. one due to being an early adopter of the PCIe 4.0 5700xt on a GEN 3 motherboard until a BIOS update was released .. and a couple BIOS updates that didn't play nicely with my memory tweaks
I've been very happy with AMD since trading my 7700k for my first Ryzen setup and the various AMD GPU's I've ran along the way

Maybe I'm just not running the "right" games or programs to be disappointed?

I always stress running quality power supplies .. have good/great cooling .. and keeping your BIOS up to date as well as chipset, GPU drivers .. and Windows in general, up to date too.

Cable extenders/configurations can cause issues or sub-par performance sometimes too 

Sorry you are having and have had issues

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strange with all of this - some have massive problems and others have none. I had problems at first - coming from nvidia gtx 1080 to 6900 xt. First part was because I did not remove all nvidia drivers in system - my bad. Next was various settings in adrenalin that I messed with and had to revert to factory settings until I learned. Next up was change monitor to freesync monitor and now today - no matter what game I play I have zero stutter. BF 2042 sometimes crash with a directx error saying gfx card was removed - but that also happens for nvidia cards (not after latest update in BF2042). 

I agree in one part - drivers and settings for games in adrenalin could be better. Old games like CS-GO should not fool driver to throttle down in GPU usage - reason why I need to custom set the minimum clock to 200 mhz below max clock. 

Stutter is most likely the cpu that is causing this (for my part it was always the cpu that stuttered). 6900 xt is a beast and my cpu cannot cope with it. One way to test is to try to set a fps limit in a game. If you stutter above 200 fps - then try to limit below 200 and so on until stutter stops. Could be the CFG (control flow guard) could be AV running - could be bad util. of cpu due to core parking ( I use parkcontrol and lasso from bitsum). Many games was developed with nvidia in mind and tested on those cards - so some part of it most likely should go to game dev. teams table and not only AMD !

I have said it before - I will go AMD again next time - both cpu and gpu. What nvidia have pulled with their prices in last couple of generations is a no go for me !