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Journeyman III

RyzenMaster usage/applicability

Question about Ryzenmaster.   Is Ryzenmaster  basically the same for all CPUs?  I ask because under the Drivers page you have to select the correct CPU.   I have multiple Ryzen CPUs but do not see a selection for the 5600x.   So is Ryzenmaster basically the same for all Ryzen processors or must you select a different one depending on specific processor?   Which one for the 5600x?
No Ryzenmaster for Windows 11?

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Journeyman III

Nobody has an answer?


Hi, I did a quick google and seems it was on the list previously but it was removed about 2 years ago.

Looks like a lot of people were having issues using it.

As the 5600X was removed from the list I would strongly suggest not to try use another version of ryzenmaster to OC.

So if  you want to OC the 5600X, you would probably need to do it through the BIOS.

I'd recommend doing some further checks online about OC it in general just to see if there's any potential issues with that CPU.