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Ryzen/X470 watchdog timer hardware in linux?

Is there a builtin watchdog timer for the X470 platform? I had a lockup last night that in linux on a system that must be on 24/7. I would like to use a watchdog to force a reboot if that happens again. Before I attempt to purchase one of those $10 to $20 USB watchdog devices I would like to check the status on what AMD provides in its chipset and the chances of enabling it in a 4.17.X kernel (on gentoo using gentoo-sources-4.17.4).

My system is an

AMD Ryzen 2700

ASUS Prime Pro

16GB Crucial DDR4 ECC

WDC Black NVMe 512GB SSD

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I don't believe your Motherboard is IPMI compliant. The only Asus IPMI compliant motherboard is this one : P10S-M WS/IPMI-O | Motherboards | ASUS Global .

Edit: Deleted the IPMI software portion of this comment since it is not applicable in this post.


No it does not have the IMPI hardware. I wish there was an AM4 board that did and supported ECC.


Also it seems if you do buy a IPMI Card as a addon card, the Motherboard must be compatible with it.

Your best bet is to purchase an IPMI compliant motherboard. That is if what you are using the motherboard is important enough to purchase an IPMI Motherboard.