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Ryzen Master: How to Get Eco-Mode to Show Up?

On my ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard with a 3700X with the latest BIOS, running Ryzen Master does NOT show an option for Eco-Mode unless I turn PBO on in the BIOS.  Since Eco-Mode and PBO are basically opposites, I can't believe that's the way to do it.  How am I supposed to get that option in Ryzen Master to even show up?

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All Eco Mode does on the 3700X is reduce boost clocks by 100mhz and cut power consumption by 10w. You also need to have PBO enabled in BIOS to use Eco Mode.

Thanks.  I'd seen that TechArp article earlier.  But, it was before they edited it to include the "How to Enable Eco-Mode..." bit.  I guess I did it right.  Unfortunately, I got no change in performance and an increase in power consumption.  I was hoping I'd done something wrong.  Oh, well.  I'm happy with the standard settings.  Thanks again.