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Ryzen Master for 2700X vs 1300

I have recently updated to 2700X from 1300 and what immediately struck me was the Ryzen Master difference on both models, which seems very dated as compared to an older 1300.

Ryzen Master for 1300 looked just like the one on the official web page with sharp and minimalist graphics. With 2700X I'm suddenly presented with what seems to be its waaay older brother with dated graphics and what's worse, terrible blurry window that's really hard to look at. I tried every possible graphics setting and tested on two different GPUs - RX 580 and GTX 1070, the result being the same on both of them. I finally figured out it has something to do with my monitor resolution being 2560x1080 because when I switch to 1920x1080 the blurriness is gone (yet the out dated style prevails). Note that the version for 1300 had none of these issues.

I'd like to know how is it possible that a previous generation model has modern and polished software and the current flagship is shipped with an out dated and unoptimized version?

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Community Manager

What version of Ryzen Master Tool are you using?



Ryzen Master.PNG