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Adept I

Ryzen Master Crashing With Dual Monitor

Hello Ryzen Master is crashing with dual monitor setup. There are people on Reddit that are having the same issues. I run the software and if I hover over the app or click anything it just freezes and gives me the its not responding msg. Once run is single monitor it runs fine with no issues. This started to happen with the last Ryzen Master update. does anyone have any idea on how to fix this ...

Thanks in advance

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Journeyman III

I just recently built a computer, and am having this same issue, have been searching the internet for the last couple hours to find out why ryzen master was crashing. I uninstalled ryzen master, then tried to update ryzen chipset, but literally everything related to amd was crashing. amd chipset updater, amd ryzen master, anything I tried to start would appear on screen, then either immediately crash or crash when I tried to scroll over or click on it. both of my monitors would flash black and then back on and the app I was trying to use would be gone, no crash message nothing. repeatable infinitely, wouldn't fix on restart. Finally caught on that it was a dual monitor issue and unplugged my second monitor. I use a DP cable for my primary, an MSI g27c4 and hdmi for an acer S200HQL as a secondary monitor. Unplugging the second monitor did work. Why this causes a crash on amd software I have no idea, but I hope this helps anyone looking for a solution and I hope it is fixed soon.

aorus ultra rev1.0 Mobo

ryzen 7 3800x

EVGA 2080 super xc

g.skill tridentz neo 16gb 3600mhz x4

m.2 xpg 2tb nvme

win10 OS

Adept I

I have fix this with  a updated Ryzen master from a well known site tech powerup or guru 3d I can't remember. How I found out was I have a family member that had a similar set up. His Ryzen master was a version or two ahead of mine so I decided to manually install it and found that current version in one of the sites mentioned above. I installed it and problem fixed no more crashing with dual monitor.

thanks for your fast response on this issue! I have also fixed the problem by updating, but it did require me to unplug my second monitor during the update because nothing would actually run once the files were there.

Adept I

I have this issue with the latest version as of the date of posting. How can such basic problems exist after a year?