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Adept I

Ryzen Balanced Plan missing, high EDC.

Hello, I can't see the ryzen balanced power plan. I installed the drivers and tried everything I found here, hope you'll help me. Also, when i turn windows balanced power plan EDC jumps to 99%, and when I try to edit some videos PPT is also going up to 99%. What am I supposed to do? 

//edit: using power saver plan is turning everything back to normal, but it still reduces my performance

//edit 2: OK, I've found the power plan installer when messing around with drivers CD i got, but still PPT and EDC are on 99% even with Ryzen Balanced Plan. I can't edit videos or play games, i'm scared something will blow up.


my specs:

mobo: msi b450 a pro

cpu: ryzen 5 2600

gpu: gigabyte gtx 1660 oc 6gb

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99% is not 300% lol , what are you affraid of ??? red colours ?

why trying to use a tweaker if you don't understand what you are doing ?

just let thing on auto and try to understand figures before appying changes that makes you nervous


i haven't done anything except installing ryzen balanced plan.

I'm afraid bc it's on red, i don't think it should be


what's "bc" ? moreover on the pictiure you posted , you seems to have "applied" something , i don't really know ryzen master and don't know what the default settings should be, but the best is that you let everything on default

first thing is to have all drivers up to date , don't try overclocking before testing everything at stock (cpu ram etc) .. the temps your showing are not alarming, nothing will blow up

one step at the time


Nothing has been applied. I won't try overclocking, i'm using a stock cooler that came with my cpu. If nothing will blow up - good, i'm still a little bit scared.

english is not my first language, by bc i meant beacuse lol


ok english isn't mine too .. it's red because of it's near the limits (that are planned, but it's absolutely not over limits), not because something will explode lol

it's a little weird if your not doing anything in background (check task manager if somthing use a lot of cpu) but it's absolutely not alarming


i will not worry then, thank you <3

Ryzen Balanced/High Performance Power plan comes preinstalled with the latest chipset drivers from AMD website, you should use that instead of the one from the included CD or the one from  MSI's site, cause the chipset drivers there are usually outdated. Can find it in the drivers section at AMD site along with the other drivers. Also note that the Latest x370/470/570 chipset drivers may require the newest bios version for your board to work properly.


I did, even with drivers from AMD website the powerplan wouldn't install. The only way I got it is from the CD.


I have the same problem, wrote a post about it , my chipset driver doesn't install , i contacted AMD customer care , they didn't find the reason, they say I had to contact microsoft ... but the fact is the problem seems coming from this installer...

as i finally found i way to install them :

1 - execute the chipset install (updated one from the web site) , it says it is successfully installed , but it's not

2 - then go to the extracted files , should be located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\Chipset_IODrivers"

3 - execute each ".msi" files

I think i know why the power plan isn't there for you after installing the newest chipset drivers. its because its no longer need for ryzen 1xxx and 2xxx series processors and will not be installed if it detects any none Ryzen 3xxx series processor present, seems that the default power plan on an updated windows 10 + the new chipset drivers are good enough, hense why it was removed for 1xxx/2xxx series. Remembered there being an post about it, forgot if it was here or some other site though.

Looks like only Ryzen 3000 series processors have need of the new Ryzen power plans.

Just Tested it by installing the same chipset drivers (AMD uses the same chipset drivers for all AM4 boards) on both my 1700 and 3900x with a fresh windows install and the power plan was available on my 3900x but was missing on my 1700. but when i tried installing older chipset drivers on my 1700 (not recommended), the ryzen power plan was back.

Best to just use High performance power plan as that was the original power plan AMD recommended to begin with before they added the custom power plan on their chipset drivers.

I would reccomend doing a fresh reinstall if you're still having problems by using windows 10s built in 'Reset This PC' then opt to Remove everything, as thats the only way you can be sure its a fresh install (have read of people having problems when they use the 'Keep my Files' option) while also keeping you'r windows license unchanged. I say this because recently iv'e had trouble with some of the board drivers+ the software that came from the manufacturer causing one of the cores on my 3900x to have a constant high CPU usage (even after uninstalling everything) which in turn causes my CPU to have unusually high idle temps/voltages. and the only way i was able to resolve it was by doing an updated windows install refresh by using Windows 10s Reset this PC feature.

Adept I

microsoft got rid of the amd power plan in favor of there balanced plan as the ryzen plan had some issues