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Ryzen 9 5900x problems with ryzen master & storeMI?


Today i've got my brand new ryzen 9 5900x, ive installed it into my pc no problem, when i started i saw that the ryzen master i had on from last procesor ( ryzen 7 2700X) is not supported,

So naturally, i went and downloaded official version of ryzen master for my cpu and installed it, install failed and it automatically reverted changes now when i wanna start installer it just dissapears. 
When i use Driver Easy it doesn't detect any outdated or not installed drivers on my pc though.

Same problem was with StoreMi everytime it says installation failed.

I don't know what to do.

My specs of pc;

- 4x 8gb ddr4 3200ram
- rtx 3060 ti  oc (eagle 8gb version)
- ssd
- ryzen 9 5900x
- x470 gaming plus motherboard

I would like to point out, prior to installing cpu, i've updated my windows to latest version.
 When i start game, there is no crashes though, so i guess it is working as intended? But i am nowhere near expert.

Thank you for all answers and help in advance !

Best regards,

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I wouldn't advice using any type of 3rd party Driver download programs like Driver Easy. Many times they will install drivers that are not compatible with your PC hardware.

I would suggest using the hardware's own Driver download programs like AMD and Intel has to download and install their hardware drivers.

As for Ryzen Master and possibly STOREMI try using Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool to remove all entries for Ryzen Master. once finished  see if Ryzen Master now installs. You can also use the MS Tool to try and install Ryzen Master.

Most likely your Windows Registry has entries from your previous Ryzen Master installation which is causing a conflict with the current Ryzen Master installation. MS Tool will locate and eliminate those out-dated Registry entries.

You can download the MS Tool from here: Microsoft Install/Uninstall Tool 

NOTE: In the past, Ryzen Master was not compatible if you have VBS (Hyper-V) enabled. Not sure if the current Ryzen Master if that has been changed or not.

EDIT: After upgrading the processor you should do a CLEAR CMOS to reset the BIOS back to factory settings and be able to correctly configure for the new processor when booting up afterwards.



I've downlaoded MS Tool, went to "install" problem and i had AMD Chipset driver,

i "fixed problem", restarted pc and tried again just so it actually is how it is meant to be, and i tried installing ryzen master again and nothing happens. It shows loading then the interface just dissapears. 

PS: i've checked i don't have Hyper-V on


It seems that after i run the installer, and interface dissapears there is still items installed into folder of (windows):\AMD\ , like it wanted to start but gets cancelled.

I don't know what else could i do, i had once problems with drivers of my GPU but i had DDU to uninstall it completley.. is there any program that does the same thing for CPU?


Quick update;

Tried AMD amd cleanup utility tool, process went trough.
After i restarted PC, i saw that there is still AMD file with ryzenmaster.msi file inside.

( trying to describe, in best way possible i can what is happening).


If there is a AMD installation folder at C:AMD delete the entire file. then use MS Tool to uninstall Ryzen Master. then try to install it again.

If same issue continues it could be a bug concerning the 5000 series processors and Ryzen Master. In that case I suggest you open a AMD Service Request (AMD Support) and see what they suggest:


Hello i tried to delete the file, ryzen master has one folder inside that cannot be accesed nor even deleted.

StoreMI could be deleted easuly, tried utility tool it says its complete ( takes about 30s insted of 15min like it says) and when i restart my pc that folder is still inside.. is it maybe worth reinstalling windows since i have all apps and drivers stored it wouldnt take 2 long i guess


First run the following command in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell: SFC /scannow

That will check your Windows installation for corruption or missing files.


Also do you have the latest Windows version installed?  Ryzen Master needs to have the latest Windows version installed.


Instead of reinstalling Windows try a Ingrade Repair instead and see if that works. It is the same as installing Windows except you don't lose any 3rd party apps or settings.

If you have the latest version of Windows then simply go here and click: Microsoft Windows 10 Download or Microsoft Windows 11 Download 

While on your Windows Desktop, run the same Windows Installation version and follow the directions. It will install a new Windows Folder and create a Windows.old that will delete itself in 10 days or you can delete by using Windows System Cleanup feature.


But before you do that, download free Lockhunter. Then use that program to stop whatever is preventing you from deleting that Ryzen Master folder. If it can't delete it than it will ask you if you want to delete it on the next restart of the PC.

I use it once in awhile to delete something that is in use and can't be deleted. It is safe to use.

EDIT: If none of the above works then if you want to try a Clean Windows installation is up to you. 

Concerning AMD StoreMI, I have no experience with that type of program so I can't suggest anything of value to help with that. Some other User will need to help you.

Also you can open a AMD Service Request (AMD SUPPORT) and see what they believe the problem could be from here:


Thank you for answer,


Would like to point out i have updated windows to latest version because im checking regularly because of new world


I will try this when i get home ASAP and will post the results

If you have Windows 11 installed that might be the reason why Ryzen Master isn't working correctly.

AMD hasn't come out with a Windows 11 Ryzen Master version only Windows 10.

AMD Download page doesn't show any Windows 11 Ryzen Master. Only AMD StoreMI.

Screenshot 2021-11-21 073159.png

So you probably don't need to Inplace-repair or clean install your Windows. But do run SFC /scannow just to check your Windows OS.

I do have Ryzen Master working in my Windows 11 PC. But that is because I did a Inplace-Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 which transferred Ryzen Master from Windows 10 to 11.

But if I should need to install Ryzen Master again, I might end up having the same problems you are having. just my opinion though.

EDIT: As for AMD StoreMI issues found this current AMD Thread about Users having problems with StoreMI:




I've tried using lockhunter, when i tried to delete it says that it has been deleted, but when i check, folder is still there.

I'm in contact with support, sent diagnostics of pc to them hopefully they see, if no i will perform clean windows install probably best idea since it isn't time consuming ?

Thanks for all the support !