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Journeyman III

[Ryzen 7 3700x/Ryzen Master] How to tell if Creator/Game mode is being used? [+another question]

Hi there.  I'm not tech savvy so I'll keep it brief. 

Been using Ryzen Master to monitor my Ryzen 7's temps for a few months now.  I was curious to see what Creator/Game mode did and attempted to enable them a while back and left it at that.  I'm not sure if I successfully did enable them, hence my topic here.  Is there a way for me to tell if either is enabled?  I don't really want to use either of those and want to keep the default(ish) settings.

The other question I have is regarding Windows power plans.  I always use the Ryzen Balanced plan when gaming or rendering videos in my editing software and was wondering if there's a better option? 


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