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Adept I

Ryzen 7 2700U Drivers?

I know this has been asked before, but this is truly what is holding AMD back in terms of being competitive from a mobile standpoint.  I cannot find updated drivers for my laptop and am on months old drivers - it's a Dell Inspiron 13 7375.  I love the notebook, Ryzen mobile is awesome but we are versions behind with no Vulkan support.

Your competitor who shall not be named is offering their drivers online from a generic standpoint, and it would be immensely helpful to be on a recent driver revision.  Great product but needs better support - I suggest anyone with the same concerns ping catalystmaker on twitter to get some visibility.  I just did the same.

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Adept I

Dude, I just picked up the same laptop...upgraded the RAM to (2x8GB 2400Mhz) 16GB and threw a 1TB WD SSD in that B and THERE ARE NO FREAKING DRIVERS!!?? 

Is this some kind of joke?  Tell me I'm missing something....Please

Sad part is nobody is paying attention to it.  Posts on here, I left a message on twitter for one of the developers and no response.  I love the laptop and APU, but some attention would be cool.  We haven't gotten a driver update since December and that's just sad.

Also just ordered a 2700x and x470, and have a Vega 64, I'm a huge AMD advocate but some support here would be greatly appreciated!

I posted to every official AMD account on Twitter response.  I will use that reporting tool to reach out further, but it's still beyond ridiculous.  I have always been a public AMD advocate to everyone I've known and built systems for, spoken with my own wallet, on my own hardware and praise them on YouTube constantly.

Yet, today I returned my laptop and I don't plan on buying another until this gets straitened out.


That's because most people don't push hard enough. Since I've posted on Reddit and tweeted at them, we got an official response from AMD and a bunch of news reports covering the issue. That's how you deal with a bored and lazy company, not by tweeting once and expect them to see it in the flood of tweets they get daily.


This being a user to user help forum, you're not communicating anything to AMD. There are links to report your issue to AMD support:

AMD Issue Reporting Form

If they're moderating this forum, they obviously have visibility/awareness of these issues.   With that being said, I get where you're coming from and you're right; this isn't intended as a way to communicate these complaints to AMD directly.  I'll use this to address them directly and hopefully, they'll at least acknowledge me this time.

Have you reached out to them yourself via this method?  If so, did you get a response and what (if anything), did they say?  Thanks

The report form tells you:

"If you are experiencing a problem with the latest AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver release and you can consistently reproduce the issue, please complete this bug reporting form. "

"This form is intended to gather the problem description and system information so that reported issues can be addressed in future driver releases. This form is NOT to solicit support inquiries."

So no, you will not get a reply..normally. This is why everyone should report any issue. Not much attention paid if they only receive one complaint...but when several complaints come in, then things start to happen. Just send in the report and advise anyone who has the same issue to do likewise.


As stated earlier in the thread, I also reached out via Twitter.  No response on there either and yes they do generally reply to posts there.  The issue is being side stepped and that's where my disappointment comes in.

That being said, I received my 2700x and x470 today and couldn't be more pleased.  Purchased DDR 3400 and it actually detected and posted first attempt.  With my 1700x I struggled finding stable ram at decent clocks, great experience this time around.