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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600G (GPU driver issues)

Hello everyone,

at the beginning sorry for my English. English is not my native language.

I am begging you for help, I don't know what to do next.

I have 5 weeks old PC. 

There are PC specs: 

Ryzen 5 5600G - new procesor, read the problem (may be CPU wrong?)
Corsair 16GB 2x8GB 3200MHz
Corsair Force Series MP510 240 GB
WD Blue 1TB

I have problems with GPU driver, driver repeatedly disappier every  1-2-3 or 4 days. PC can't sleep, monitor is lock (1hz), I tried to use different drivers, but still the same result, also I tried Win10 (20H1 and 21H1 version, reinstallation) and again the same result. Driver just disappier after some time. PC doesn't see GPU in "computer management" and monitor is just on "microsoft basic driver". Still, when this problem occurs, the computer freezes, only a hard restart will help. The computer turns on and the problem is here. No driver, the computer can't sleep and the screen only goes to 1hz. 

I am attaching picture with "Event Viewer": (cpumetricserver.exe stop working). Only this error occur in "Event Viewer" attached to AMD.  I never had problem on my dedicated AMD GPUs only with this integrated GPU. 

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Adept I

I have similar issue with 5700G. It is stable under Microsoft basic video driver but I get black screen during adrenaline installation and Windows also report 1.000hz and it doesn't change. 

Journeyman III

Somebody help please  


I managed to solve the problem with my 5700G.

In my case, in a clean windows installation, when I was trying to install the drivers I got black screen during installation. I had to enter in safe mode to uninstall the AMD drivers and to get back to Microsoft basic video adapter to get signal to my monitor and with that, the refresh rate stack in 1.000hz. But it wasn't drivers fault nor hardware. It was the HDMI cable. Since I change it with an another HDMI cable, i don't know what was deferent to this cable, and power up my computer, immediately the resolution with Microsoft basic video adapter changed as it should be, just a very basic low resolution display (with the other cable, it was getting in full 2160p resolution that my monitor support under Microsoft basic video adapter but with the refresh rate stuck to 1.000hz), and the attempt to install adrenaline drivers worked without any problems with the refresh rate at 60hz my monitor support. 

Hope to gave you an idea to solve your problem too. Try a better HDMI quality cable. You have nothing to loose because your problem is very similar to mine. Please, if you try it and you solve the problem also with this way, let me know. 

Journeyman III

same issue here. Is there any recommendation?

Journeyman III

Does your problem resolved? if so, how did you solve the issues?