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Journeyman III

RYZEN 5 1600 stuttering in games

Hi AMD Community ,

I am having frame drops in games like nfs heat , forza horizon 4 and crew 2.
My bios , OS and drivers are on latest version.
I game on 1080 pi with high to ultra settings , but i get frame drops when there is more cpu intensive work going on in game like Ai, traffic , buildings etc.
Note that neither my cpu nor my gpu cross 85% utilisation .

According to me something is wrong with my cpu/ drivers or some background process, because my gpu 1660 super can easily give around 100 fps as per benchmarks shown on youtube . I game at 60 hz coz my monitor's max refresh rate is 60hz. Hence i cannot turn vsync off and game at unlocked frame rate due to screen tearing. These frame drops occurs also at loading screen of games and are visible clearly .can you please help me how to fix this .
Please check the detailed specs below:

My build is ryzen R5 1600 , 6 cores 12 threads.
3.2 base clock.
(Not overclocked),
MoBo: gigabyte GA-AB 350 gaming 3 rev 1.0,
GPU: gigabyte GTX 1660 super 6gb,
RAM: Corsair vengeance DDR4 2400 (16×2),
power supply: antec 750wtt,
SSD: 500 gb samsung evo nvme,
Monitor: 60hz IPS display Aoc 1920x1080

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