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Ryzen 4600 No LAN on Windows 11

I have one of the new Gateway branded laptops (GWTN156-2BK) and up until recently, I've been able to use the wired LAN connection on Windows 11. As it turns out Restore Points are not enabled by default in Win11! So I'm trying to figure out how to get this working again.

I have attempted to remove and reinstall drivers for the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller however I am continually greeted with Error Code 48 in Device Manager. I have tried several methods including; ran SFC in Admin Mode, installed drivers in Safe Mode, made sure Memory Integrity was turned off, installed manufacturer original (Windows 10) drivers, as well as making sure Hyper V was disabled and ran Windows Memory Diagnostic all to no avail. I am still greeted with Error Code 48.

I can connect to my home internet using Wifi just not LAN. I am a podcast, so bandwidth is important and I need to figure out how to re-enable my LAN before Friday. Please advise. Thankyou -DJ


Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller
Last driver attempted Device ManagerDevice Managerv10.39 release 2/12/20

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with Radeon Graphics 3.00 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.4 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

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Have you tried to download the Realtek driver directly from Realtek website.

I believe this is the LAN driver and it does now have a Windows 11 version. You need to check if your laptop uses one of the hardware listed:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

I find it difficult to believe that the Windows 10 LAN Driver is not compatible with Windows 11. If the above driver doesn't fix your issue then you should use your laptop's own updating software to update all the drivers in your Laptop.

I would also update your Laptop BIOS version to the latest and its CHIPSET Drivers. If you have an old BIOS version before Windows 11 came out it is possible if there is a new BIOS version it will make your laptop hardware more compatible with Win 11.

Note: Unless your LAN hardware is defective.

EDIT: Found out that Gateway Computers is owned by ACER company. So I suggest you open a ACER Support ticket and see if they can direct you to your laptop's Download page to update all your drivers including LAN for both Windows 10 and 11.


Yes, I've accessed that page and it doesn't seem to make a difference which version of the driver I try to install. They all result in Code 48 and Windows 11 refuses to allow the device to run


Okay you didn't mention that you downloaded the driver from Realtek website.

I would see if by installing Windows own native LAN Driver in Windows 11 if it will work. Go to the LAN driver in Device Manager and click on Update Driver. Then follow the tabs to install Windows own LAN Drivers for your laptop.

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

It should install A Windows 11 compatible LAN Driver.

Also Appauls says to temporarily disable Memory Integrity in Windows  Settings to install the a driver:

You already did one of the steps by running SFC /scannow to check your Windows OS.

What Causes the “The Software For This Device Has Been Blocked From Starting (Code 48)” Error on Windows?

There aren’t many known causes for this problem and all methods pretty much down to a faulty driver. Still, it’s possible to categorize the occurrence of this problem into two different categories and we highly recommend you check them out below to resolve the problem easier!

  • Memory integrity and driver issues – Memory integrity present another layer of protection for drivers which help prevent malware tamper with Windows files. Disabling it during the installation of the new driver is the best way of resolving this problem.
  • System files or memory issues – If certain system files have gone corrupt or if your system has reported memory issues, you will need to run an SFC scan and a Memory Diagnostic tool to resolve the problem

NOTE: Then I suggest your first run your Laptop's diagnostics and see if anything comes up concerning defective hardware or incompatible software/driver and then open a ACER Support ticket to see if you can update your BIOS in case there is a new BIOS concerning Windows 11.


Acer only owns the brand provides support. Their chat rep insisted they do not have BIOS files for the Ryzen 4600. If my PC manufacturer does not have them do they even exist?


The BIOS has nothing to do with the Processor rather it is strictly for the Laptop's Motherboard. The Laptop Manufacturer (Acer) is the ones that supplies new BIOS Versions for their hardware including Motherboards and laptops and PCs.

Gateway doesn't have any support for your laptop. Acer owns Gateway thus they are the one that should have a download page and new BIOS version if applicable.

I was able to go to Gateway Contact page via Google,  but it mentions to go to ACER or call for Warranty issues.

Googling Gateway Support led me to Gateway Support site where you can download drivers but your laptop isn't listed:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

So Acer must be able to give you where to download drivers and BIOS firmware for your new Gateway Laptop.

If you recently purchased your Gateway Laptop then it should be under Warranty and Acer is where you need to go.


Right, the original Gateway site only references the legacy Gateway devices. Not the devices manufactured since the relaunch of the brand in 2020. I'll try Acer, but this chasing my tail is getting tiresome. I know it's not AMD's fault. Just makes harder to stay loyal to a brand when there's limited support

BTW the new Gateway branded computers are Acer licensed rebrands of Chinese Manufacturer TongFang's hardware. No direct support

Before contacting Acer Support run your laptop's diagnostics to rule out any defective hardware or software issues. This will help Acer when you contact them.


Neither Acer nor Gateway are much help when it comes to their newly relaunched (rebranded) TongFang devices. I have ended up having to reinstall Windows 11 to resolve my issue. I don't foresee the aforementioned's level of support changing much in the near future. You may close your case if you need to. Let this serve as a message to consumers. Do NOT buy Acer or Gateway

Found this old 2 year Reddit thread about TongFang products. Maybe, if the thread is still active, you can ask the User where you can download drivers for your Tongfang product:

I find it difficult that ACER doesn't have any drivers for your laptop since it is under Warranty by them.