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Journeyman III

Ryzen 3600 and Asus Prime B450-A crashes + RAM timings

Hello all,

First of all, I'm glad to be on team red! I'm Matt, I built PCs over 10 years ago but recently came back with a pre-built due to disability. That aside, I had some issues with stability and I'd like to explain how I solved them to help anyone else plus ask a question about RAM timings. It'd be great to discuss my issues/what I could improve upon and also some advice on getting my RAM timings down would be excellent.

Please let me know if I haven't provided enough information.

Many thanks,


CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

MB: Asus Prime B450-a/CSM

BIOS: Current 2202, previous 20xx

RAM: CM4X8GD3200C16K4 x2 previously at 2133, now 3200 - see below

GPU: MSI RX5700XT mech OC

OS: Win10 64bit

Cooling: Wraith AMD spire (soon to be AIO)

Issue 1

System instability on Prime 95 small after a minute, blend after 5 minutes

HW info log showed that on crash the CPU voltage and clock multiplier were not adjusting

Temps went way over max = crash

Resolution 1

Updated chipset drivers - no real improvement but they were overdue

Flashed BIOS to 2202 from 20xx (notes on update state: improved stability)

Prime95 now stable for 30 minutes at present (big improvement!)

Temps are capped and the BIOS now limits clock speed and voltage

It's almost like before, the old BIOS was like: "THIS IS FINE!" - as the house burns down...

Issue 2 (help please!)

My RAM was set to 2133mhz as standard and it was advertised as 3200


Went to BIOS and changed profile from "auto" to DDR4-3200

I didn't change anything else here, any thoughts?

Note - I couldn't find XMP

Again stable in Prime 95 but I'd like to know if I can optimise here? HWINFO says VDD is 1.1v

I've tried the DRAM calculator but I'm just not 100% on how to input my details

Memory timings.jpg

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Journeyman III

Hi Mat

I have the exact same problem AND hardware as you.

  • ASUS TUF B450 Motherboard. (2202)
  • Win 10 (2004)
  • AMD Ryzen CPU 3600
  • Ram: Exactly the same as you. 16GB.
  • OS Disk: Crucial M.2 SSD 1TB drive


My issue is not performance. My system works great now, when I UNINSTALLED the following:
- ASUS AI Suit 3
- ASUS Armor Crate
- AMD CPU Master
- Cruicial Storage Executive, and the Crucial SSD driver (<-------(This is the reason why some motherboard cant find the SSD, even if Windows can and its named "Unknown SSD")

Crucial products are fantastic!
Crucial software devs, is not.

The same goes for ASUS it seams?

I dont have performance problems.
My issue is:
I cant use the hardware protection which the MB, CPU and Win 10 provides!
If I enable any of them, I get the Blue screen on Win startup!


  • My systems config now:
    Screenshot (14).png

  • If enable AMD CPU Virtualization! The CPU does not support it,and doesn't need it.
    However, win 10 NEED the CPU Virtualization enabled for CORE ISOLATION to be enabled in Win 10
    (its the best protection ever comes from Microsoft!).
  • My TPM 2.0 (1.3) works, WITHOUT Core Isolation enabled. 

I get blue screen on Windows startup, IF I enable Core Isolation, after Win 10 boots with AMD CPU Virtualization enabled.

I've tried to disable secure Boot, and use the CSM on enabled and Secure boot in "other OS"
Still blue screens.
This time the Bluescreen was because I enable CPU Virtualization in BIOS.
(This works sometimes??)

When win 10 boots into Windows, with AMD CPU Virtualization enabled

I have to NOT enable CORE isolation, and have Secure boot on "Other OS" instead of EUFI.

This works ONLY if I dont enable any hardware security in win 10!
- Win Security states my PC supports standard hardware security. (It was "improved hardware", in may, when I built and started it.

Weird thing is, TPM 2.0 is on and secure boot on "Other OS).

Screenshot (9).png

I built my own systems, as well as for others. I have 20+ years of Unix and Windows Server system, and Windows GAMING "experience". As in...I know systems, drivers etc. That bragging means, I understand what I DONT understand.

I contacted ASUS, AMD, and Microsoft support about this (Its new since May 2020).

- Asus claims this is not an BIOS issue. And blames Win 10. 
- Microsoft support for 10 is OUTSTANDING. Its the complete opposite of everything you know about Microsoft support.
After 1-2 HOURS the Microsoft Tech, who connected to my Win 10 PC, and ruled out any win 10 issues. 
The tech did however, found the issue in CBS.log, DISM.log and other logs.

ASUS software suits are the main problem.
- Asus Armor crate, update.exe to be specific.
This software is great. But it downloads both TUF and ROG files, even if the system has no ROG for exable.

  • So I removed ASUS AI Suit 3, and ASUS Armor Crate as described by ASUS support och FAQ.
    Blue screen stopped!!

    But, now
  • - Secure boot is impossible to work in EUFI only. Only the Setting "Other OS", with CSM Disabled, works.
  • I cant install Armor crate!
    Which is ASUS new tool not just for AURA, ROG and TUF stuff. But also their main support app.
    I did try their ASUS support app on mobile.....I should NOT have done that....that made things even worse!
  • I cant enable 75% of the hardware security that is supported!!!

Any advice for me how I can UPDATE my system?.
And/or fix this issue with ASUS refuses to work with Ryzen 5 CPU to enable all HARDWARE security?
The reason I bought this setup, was the hardware security!

I dont want, nor need overclocking my AMD CPUs.
Is AMD CPU Master a good software to use to make sure the CPU are updated and all the built-in protection is enabled? Or is The Master program ONLY for overclocking?

ASUS B450-PLUS GAMING, BIOS 2202 IS working in the BIOS regarding overclocking. I only overclock my RAM Bus speed to 2600 and Use ASUS profiles XMP and the only values I change are "Use the OC profile to for all values".

Then the D.H.C.P values pops up regarding voltage etc.