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Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

Delete all files and folder for "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads" path.
Re-download latest driver.
Re-run DDU in safe mode.
Disconnect internet.
Setup AMD driver in normal mode.
Then, test your system again with prime95.

Adept I

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

So I did this:

1) Deleted folder as suggested

2) Re-downloaded driver (Link you shared was Ryzen 3, so I got it from Ryzen 5 proc page)

3) Re-installed Windows clean slate ,  Re-started in Safe mode, Even with reinstalled, ran DDU 

4) Regular mode restart for windows, and then set up the previously downloaded AMD driver

5) 10 seconds in system crashed

Before I crashed for the night, I ran extended Windows Memory Diagnostic, it ran for over 12 hrs, around 98% mark system restarted. Memory was without error till that point. The dump says svchost process died. Bluescreen Crash Viewer says Ntsokrnl.exe was the reason for the fail.  (it was Black Screen crash but went to check the minidump)

Rolled Back AMD driver, on the Windows Basic Display Adapter - ran Prime95 Torture Test for 40 minutes. All self-tests till that time passed. 


Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes 
If this problem is hardware releated, in 40 minutes your system probably would crash with prime95. Could you follow the link above? AMD team maybe helps. You can share this link with them.

Adept I

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

Thank you once again

I shall try the Support  Team as well.  I hope to hear from them. Meanwhile if i solve it - i shall get back to you too.


Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

There is no reason to prevent your hardwares running properly. And I don't know why the problem came from. However, if you share this link, maybe you can get AMD help. It is obvious that there is BIOS or software releated problems with 3000 series CPUs. But what is this problem? Please ask? Also, even RAMs are from AMD recommendation... You have bought everything as it should be, but there is a problem...

Adept I

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

totally clueless, but two minds better than one. you been a great support. ... Thanks - written to the Support will update you too 

Adept I

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

Seeing the problem symptoms and troubleshooting performed by you, I highly suspect this could be due to faulty APU. As you already in touch with support, I assume that they offered you the replacement and new CPU are working fine without any issue.

Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

Anyone had any luck resolving this?? I've bought 10 of these to build and the first 3 builds are doing exactly this! I've gone through the same troubleshooting steps and basically no matter what you do the system will Green Screen the second you try to install the Radeon Video Drivers.

ASUS Prime A320M-K 

Flashed all the BIOSes to the latest version
Read and followed the guide on AMD  and UEFI issues
Downloaded and installed the latest Chipset drivers - installed first
Downloaded and installed all the latest drivers for Audio and LAN from ASUS for this board

At this point is all fine, disabled auto install of drivers in Windows, so its running the Microsoft Basic Driver.

Downloaded and go to install the latest Radeon Drivers and BOOM! Green Screen. 

Tried different monitors, swapped to VGA instead of HDMI (noticed that it Black screened rather than Green when on VGA). Setup BIOS as per all the guides I've found with this issue and as per suggestions in this thread. Running everything stock - no overclocking. All on fresh installs of Win 10 18362 that I've now re-downloaded twice from my MS VLSC- and used on my other Intel builds fine.

If anyone has a solution - I'm all ears as I'm this close to returning the lot and getting i5's. Kinda glad I didn't get the whole 20 I wanted ...

Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

Not sure if it matter now, however i have HP 645 laptop with Ryzen 5 Pro 2500U (Zero BIOS options available)

and it crashes also at regular intervals and does not crash when not using the windows AMD ATI GFX drivers.

When using HDMI out crashes far more frequently

It almost exclusively crashes when using Browsers such as Chrome and jumping quickly from tab to tab or scrolling top to bottom rapidly when the page is using 3D acceleration .

no other OS, hardware or memory Faults

Windows BSOD TDR error and even Ubuntu (once AMD proprietary drivers installed) also complete system lock up (Black Screen).

The only resolution/workaround i found for Windows 

Enable TDR recovery windows BSOD no longer however system remains unusable no display (but sounds/music keeps playing).

Extend the TDR wait time, is because the Vega GFX stops responding for x seconds. Then windows in unusable for 1-30 seconds but I dont lose my work. The system flickers the screen and makes a new hardware installed sound (almost like the GFX card was unplugged and plugged in) 

I enabled 



Then I allowed windows to wait a period of time and tnot sure which on the setting is the one to allow the restart and wait for display these are my current settings

It all started when i discarded the OEM included 1x 2400 8GB ram with 1x 2400 16GB, tested many sticks

Journeyman III

Re: Ryzen 3400G Windows 10 constant crashes

I've got similiar problems so I hook to this thread.

System: Ryzen 3400G + MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC + 2x 8GB G.Skill Aegis (F4-3200C16D-16GIS) + bequiet! 450W PSU

- latest BIOS

- Memory is supported for my board (QVL from G.Skill), MSI homepage doesn't list the memory

The system is stable with all drivers installed except of the AMD graphics driver (using latest WHQL Adrenalin 20.1.3). Ran Memtest86+ and Prime95 for several hours, no problems. Temperatures und voltages look healthy.

Now the wierd thing: After installing the AMD Adrenalin driver the system is stable, installation works without reboot. I can run 3D Benchmarks and the system is stable. No problems.

As soon as I restart the PC the system hangs up in logoff/restart in progress screen. After a hard reset the system comes up und hangs up in 5-10 seconds. The mouse cursor is moving when I move the mouse but nothing else is responding anymore. But no bluescreens or similar. Simply the system is not responding. AMD Ryzen Master, which I can start during the first 5s, tells me that all cores are going to sleep most of the time. Looks like something / some device is blocking somehow.

When I restore to a point where the graphics driver is the standard windows one the system is fine again. Despite of having no GPU capability.

How can I figure out what the system hangs up.

edit: found out that the EnableULPS=0 in the registry fixes the problem. Wonder why this bug is still present in 2020. (see here)