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Adept II

Ryzen 3 2200g driver crash


I am having some issues with the on board graphics of the ryzen3 2200g.

When I first built that PC I by thinking that for now i will use the on board graphics and later i will upgrade it to discrete GPU. But for some reason whenever i install the graphics driver after the bios  post logo i dont see any thing the only way i could boot into windows is by going into safe mode and then uninstalling the graphics driver using DDU.

The method i have tried

  1. Updating the bios
  2. Installing drivers manually
  3. Updating windows
  4. Installing chipset driver first then the graphics driver and vice versa.
  5. Using my HD led TV with HDMI to check if VGA has some problem .

I am really frustrated idk what to do next.
I had somehow managed installing the drivers properly by installing it manually but after 3-4 days the problem came again and now I am unable to install the drivers even by installing it manually.
Please some one help.

This is m,y first time using AMD stuff and i am having a bad experience. 

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