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Ryzen 2700x + B450 Tomahawk Max USB disconnect + 11 BSOD

Since I have my new pc I have constant issues with different kind of BSOD and using USB devices.

My SD card reader usb c type keeps connecting and disconnecting (I replaced it same issue and it works on another laptop). Some times the mouse and keyboard stops working and I have to reboot to make it work again.

Here you can find a link with all the minidumps of the 11 BSOD I had. minidump files.rar?dl=0

So far I tried the following:
- updating bios to v37 (from v35) with cmos clear
- BIOS settings/advanced/wake up even setup/resume by usb device: enable
- Stop Windows From Powering Off Your USB Devices
- Reinstalled Nvidia studio drivers and AMD (chipset etc.)
- sfc scannow didn't give any errors
- ram scan no issues
- deleting usb drivers in device manager but no fix after reboot.
- deleting third party plugin that showed up once in systemlog

I did read people saying it might be better to stick to v31 for more stable bios. Could anyone confirm that?

My pc build

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Wraith Boxed
MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
Gigabyte geforce gtx 1650
Crucial Ballistix bl2 qvl listed
Corsair CX450M Pny xlr8
Samsung 860 QVO 1TB
Sandisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II USB T

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I cannot confirm that v31 is more stable but I can confirm that the error messages you are getting are not related to BIOS. If you are not doing OC to your CPU, the error messages you got indicate that there is a problem with the motherboard. So, your mobo might not be working properly. Make sure that the cooler (on the CPU) and USB ports are intact before seeking your consumer rights regarding your mobo. Even a broken USB port may cause similar errors on your system.

Really hope I can fix it without a RMA for the mobo. But if it's really needed I do it ofc.


I think even corrupted HDD SSD may cause these problems. Conclusion... This is a motherboard problem more likely than others.


I will have a proper look through the crash dumps when I have the time.

From the quick glance I gave them you have at least 3 different crash causes.

HIDCLASS.sys  usually keyboard or mouse drivers but could be the card reader.

rt640x64.sys Realtek ethernet driver I think?

Nvidia drivers, these are on some of the older dumps so you may have already fixed this with the driver reinstyall.

Thanks man please let me know if you have any input further based on the minidumps.

Sometimes the keyboard and mouse stop working. However the usb c sd card reader is the real annoying thing that is super unstable.


The most recent crash dump has this in it.

Unable to load image Unknown_Module_00000000`00000000, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for Unknown_Module_00000000`00000000
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for Unknown_Module_00000000`00000000

Unknown_Module_ indicates it can't read the memory for the driver name.

This means that the crash was likely caused by memory corruption.

Most likely to be caused by bad RAM, motherboard issues or power supply. 

You should try testing your memory again.


I have done memtest so far three times and never it said any errors. Are there any better ways than the provided tool in Windows to make sure?


Stupid me mixed your crash dumps in with another persons dumps.

After sorting that out and looking through them they are all memory corruption of one type or another.

Most seem driver related but I can't tell with all of them. 

Read that link and make sure you understand how to turn off verifier.

Turn on verifier as described in the link.

Keep it on for 48 hours or until you next bluescreen then turn it off.

Upload any bluescreen minidump you get.


Yeah I turned that driver verifier on before. The system basically becomes unusable (so slow) even with simple things like word. Of course when turning it on the bsod wouldn't happen quickly. Sometimes it happens a few days in a row. Sometimes a week no bsod. Is there a way to really trigger a bsod on quickly if it would happen with driver verifier on?

I did update to the latest chipset drivers again. Hope it works with Windows high performance energy balance instead of amd ryzen plan. Maybe the bsod is sorted out but probably not lol. The USB is still an issue though. So far the sd card reader is a little bit more stable with other usb slots empty only keyboard, mouse and sd card reader. Could be placebo it can go wrong anytime soon again. Maybe an external powered USB hub could help with that. Like that more than a rma for the mobo. Don't know if it's wise to keep this mobo. 

Is there any way I could mixed up drivers maybe that are fighting each other? 


Running with verifier on does suck but it's the best way to find driver related BSOD.

Running some benchmarking software might stress things out more to encourage a BSOD I guess.

Or just running it when you are AFK

The SD card reader is an issue but I don't know if a powered hub would help or not.

Does the card reader feel lose in the type C slot?

I have seen a similar issue with an old external hard disk that kept disconnecting because a lose fit into the socket.

I would also remove everything that not essential to run and do a reinstall of windows and test if it's still crashing before doing a motherboard RMA

Just checked and yeah the usb c definitely feels a bit more loose compared to other usb ports. Although the keyboard and mouse also stopped working several times last month. Not as much as the usb c disconnecting which happens daily.

I will run it afk for 48 hours the driver verifier.


Ran the driver verifier for around 30 hours. Turned it off needed to do some work on pc.

So far no bsod but when working in Microsoft word randomly the mouse and keyboard stopped working again. LEDS on mouse and keyboard were on but not possible to use it anymore. Had to reboot to make it work again. After the 30 hours of driver verifier I could still use the mouse and keyboard so it didn't ran stuck during that test.

Can I assume it's a mobo issue with the usb controller?


I think you should report it to MSI as that.

You are getting a CPU error. System crashes due to low CPU voltage. The error message indicates this and the reason for this error message is very clear. I'm writing the same thing again. This error message is definitely not caused by the driver or the BIOS. This is a hardware error and its cause is the motherboard with high probability.

Important Edit: Try the manual 1.4 vcore with the BIOS before retiring the motherboard. If you're not getting an error with editing BIOS, try adjusting the core voltage.

It´s so weird I can´t make it bsod with stresstesting like memtest86, tm5, occt. Left pc on tonight doing nothing in background and new bsod..



This error message indicates that one of the kernel services of the system has stopped. The error may be due to the RAMs, may be due to the CPU. It is very difficult to tell what the problem is by looking at this error message.

If I were you, I would retire the motherboard. If the RAM was problematic, the system would freeze. You have a problem with the processor. Obviously, it is unnecessary to look for the problem in other things at first.


In the bios the vcore was at 1.440. I tried 1.40 but that made the system really weird it didn´t boot windows properly.

I also tried changing Power Supply Idle Control” option, to “Typical it was on low current idle maybe that would work I hope lol.

Yeah I would love to fix it without swapping the mobo. It´s such a pain to rma it and need to apply thermal paste again with the new cpu. But guess I have no other options left.


Reset the BIOS to factory settings and restart it. Then give 1.4 vcore and restart it. Then the system should be booted properly. 

Tried 1.4v core, did occt test and screen turned black and usb devices all disconnected hmm..


Try 1.45 vcore...


1.44 vcore is by default when I reset bios settings

Anything else I could change?


Go to the BIOS VRM settings. And increase the VRM level to 7. Give 1.48 to the vcore value. And don't test the system with OCCT. For this time, because the PSU is not enough, it may crash. Use at these settings for a normal time. Your PSU is too weak. It just caught my attention. If the cooler is standard, trouble may occur. Just check the failure tightness.


Do you think the weak PSU could also be related to my usb c port disconnecting randomly?


Yes. But is this your problem? I do not know. Really.

I did not never use a 450w PSU. Because it gets hot. And it warms the systems. And the 2700x is not an ordinary processor. And you are not using a Pentium 3 or 4 processor...

For these reasons, if I were you, I would buy a 600w PSU first. Sorry. It caught my attention late. 


So far since changing Global C-State Control disabled and power supply idle control to typical no bsod overnight when afk but it can happen anytime. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the effect.

The usb c randomly disconnecting and reconnecting isn't fixed. The usb c device acts really weird. Sometimes it's completely unstable and disconnecting every second. Sometimes I can use it for an hour without issues.

Maybe in the worst case the usb c is just a bad port and I fixed the bsod with the power functions so the cpu voltage or psu doesn't drop to low? In the past sometimes the keyboard and mouse also disconnected randomly but could only make them work again with reboot.

However if I could fix the bsod with the power saving functions disabled and fix the usb with a external powerd usb hub without any negative effects on the system I would like to run it that way. RMA the mobo and swapping and need to thermal paste cpu etc again would be a lot of hassle to do.

I ordered a adapter from usb c to normal usb slot to see if the usb c device would still disconnect to rule that out. Not sure when it arrives.

I did several tests with memtest86, tm5 etc no errors. Should I still try 1 ram stick at a time or are those tests enough to rule ram issues out?

Do you think it's possible just to order psu on amazon and test if quicky and if it doesn't fix the usb issue return it under 14 days return law?


+It is very correct to get the C-state disabled. Because some power supplies do not support this feature.

+ USB device problem may be independent of your system stabilization.

+ You should try the RAMs together. Because the information you provide does not indicate a RAM problem.

I think your PSU or your mobo somehow has a 5v problem. It would be great if the USB multipler needed a power cable. Whatever the source of the problem. You need a good PSU, I think. It is necessary to know that the hardware that provides the system power is good.

Do you know any good psu for my system with also good performance and price ratio?


The PSU types offered for sale in the market vary from country to country and from store to store.
If I were you, I would buy a PSU with the following features.
+ It should have a gold certificate.
+ It should have min. 650w capacity.
+ Its capacity should be close to or equal to 12v way.

It can't be the PSU, of cause it could be an option, but it's rather unlikely. Why? I just registered here, because the tread describes EXACTLY my problem and I have a "Be Quiet  Straight Power 11 80+ Gold 750W"-PSU and excactly the same problems. Replace the card reader with an HMD, but it's more or less the same issue. With the same board and a Ryzen 3600x. I also tried everything. USB-ports disconnect randomly - regardless the VCore in BIOS. OC or not, always the same problem. Verifier 3 days no problem, FUR MARK no problem, Prime95, Memtest, all fine. But my two issues remain: USB "stutters" (randomly off/on) on all ports, annoying with mouse, keyboard and HMD...

Eventually I ordered a new mobo now (Asus ROG Strix X570), new memory (although Memtest was ok), and finally a new CPU cooler. Because strange enough I updated the BiOS to 7C02v3A2 (Beta) and since then I am having a CPU FAN ERROR every boot. After this error I dissasembled my PC completely and rebuilt it, nothing happened. I posted also in the MSI-forum without any help. This Thread here is the only one I found which describes my problems also.

So, if there is any new solutions or ideas, please let me know. I'm gonna lket you guys know if it helped. When the issues still remain, it was the PSU. ;-)

Regards, Frank




I have 2700x with a x470 Taichi. Almost every usb ports have the same behavior described here. Bought some pci usb cards and one of them is also reseting. Dmesg shows pcie error messages and sometimes nvme disconnects. Rarely eth port stops and I have to shutdown the system. 




I also have an 2700x and x470 Taichi with USB disconnect problems. They appear on one of the two AMD USB 3.10 eXtensible Host Controllers. This controller holds the intel bluetooth/wifi device which disappears and re-appears. I have not been able to fix the problem even after removing and re-installing the windows drivers. The issue is intermittent however and days could pass by before appearing. If you find any solution please let me know. Hopefully it is not a hardware issue...