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Ryzen 2200G/2400G stuttering after waking up from sleep mode

Hello everyone

I am excited with AMD Ryzen APUs, and i am eager to make it work perfectly.

Could anyone help me to find solution for the following issue?

My Ryzen 2200G stuttering after waking up from sleep mode.

I see frame drops during dynamic scenes on my screen: during watching video, scrolling web page, playing games.

Usually it stuttering 1 time per 3-5 seconds.

What I have already tried to fix the issue:

1. updated motherboard bios

2. changed ASUS B350 plus to MSI B450m

3. updated windows to the newest version

4. updated AMD drivers to the latest ver.

5. Changed Ryzen 2200G cpu to 2400G cpu

Nothing helped.

The only way i found to fix stuttering is toggling "Scaling GPU" on or off  in radeon settings (on "display" tab).

Therefore I guess the issue has software origin.

Thanx in advance

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I should add that I experience this issues when using integrated VEGA 8 graphics.

If I add dedicated GPU to the system (like Geforce GTX950), there will be no such issues with stuttering.