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RX6700XT on Thunderbolt 3/4 : Can install only the old windows driver from WINDOWS update !

Hi' I try to use my GPD Pocket 3 PC i7 1195G7 Thunderbolt 4 connector with an external GPU.

Just got a RX6700XT for that purpose and an interface TB3/PCIE.

i have been struggling hours to get this kind of work.

If i try to install Adrenalin software from AMD site, i get an error and failure.

I tried all 3 versions available onto AMD site.

Then after cleaning the PC from AMD softwares, i managed to get Windows update downloading an old driver from its database.

Seems to work with my 4K screens.

But is it possible to get the latest versions of AMD Radeon drivers instead of that old stuff ?

To get Adrenalin installed also ?

My target is to install games.

Thankl for the how to !

here is the link to my interface :

and to my Pocket 3 PC :

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