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RX6700XT on a Thunderbolt/PCIE adaptor : Adrenalin can't install. Only Windows Update Driver works

Hi  again as my first was tag as spam ...

I try to use my GPD Pocket 3 PC i7 1195G7 Thunderbolt 4 connector with an external GPU.

Just got a RX6700XT for that purpose and an interface TB3/PCIE from Ali.

i have been struggling several hours to get this kind of work :

If i try to install Adrenalin software from AMD site, i get an error and failure.

I tried the 3 latest versions available from AMD site. All failed and i get some errors that the resources are already in use blahblahblah.

Then after cleaning the PC from AMD software, i managed to get Windows update downloading an old driver from its database (from 2019 ?).

Seems to work with my 4K screens : I could play Doom on 4K 60FPS no problem.

But is it possible to get the latest versions of AMD Radeon drivers instead of that old stuff ?

To get Adrenalin installed also ?

My target is to install motre recent games.

Thank for the how to fix this !

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So i answer to my post :

I used first the solution to disable the automatic WU for devices drivers.

Then i managed to install Adrenalin Pro version so far.

An other trick i discovered was to connect the eGPU USB C Thunderbolt  cable only AFTER the boot of the Pocket PC.

If i boot while still connected via TB, then the PC does nor recognize the Radeon and declare the GPU as "generic windows".

Could be an issue with the Radeon boot time being longer than my PC ?

Maybe i need to see into my bios if i can slow it down a bit.

Will experiment more, but so far, i am super happy and can now replace my old desktop by that Pocket PC + eGPU Thunderbolt Radeon RX6700XT.